Man Crush Monday: Logic

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Right now Logic is absolutely blowing up on the radio due to his latest song “1-800-273-8255” which is well deserved in my opinion. Logic has been coming out with music for a long time but this song? It just hits so close to home for so many people and it’s a song on the radio that actually has a solid message rather than just a good beat.

So a little bit about Logic, his actual name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, how proper is that? It’s proper as fuck. He is from Maryland and had a bit of a tough childhood but was clearly able to prosper and put all of that into his music.

Logic has been putting out music since 2010 but really hit it big with Young Sinatra, which I suggest you check out as soon as possible. It’s incredible.

Really though, I don’t think that Logic could have been out a more powerful song at a better time.

So not only is he a babe, he is open about his own issues with anxiety, he is also a married man, he’s been married since 2015.

Be ready for more music from Logic, this is just the start.

Happy Monday!

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Missy Elliot Is Officially The Best Selling Female Rapper Of All Time!

It is time for everyone to bow down to the queen!

You read it right, Missy Elliot is now the highest selling female rapper of all time and I personally couldn’t be happier. Since I can remember Missy has been out there spitting some of the hottest verses, being creative as hell, and she served visuals in all of her music videos.

According to Billboard, Missy has sold over 30 million albums in her career.

Not only that, Missy has four Grammys to her name, 15 MTV Video Music Awards, and countless other awards.

So all you Nicki Minaj fans please take a seat.

Missy Elliot is definitely one of my favorite female artists of all time and I am glad that she is getting this kind of respect. Now it is time for new music because nostalgia is so hot right now!

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Happy 24th Birthday Chance The Rapper!

Sometimes I feel old, I mean I am not that old, I am only 26 but when I see that people younger than me have won Grammys and are changing the world.

Seeing that Chance the Rapper is only 24 years old is absolutely mind blowing. This artist is absolutely wise beyond his years. Obviously he is an insanely talented rapper. He has already won a Grammy and I am guessing that he will win more during his career.

Chance also has raised money for public schools of Chicago and he continues to grow as an artist and philanthropist.

Happy birthday Chance, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you and your career!

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Man Crush Monday : J. Cole

J. Cole released a surprise album this past week and it is clear that he is one of the best to ever hold a mic. Let’s be real about that. His music is so deep and has such meaningful lyrics, it is almost like spoken word rather than hip hop, just my opinion.

That is something that makes this man so attractive. He is smart, smart with his words and with his beats. He is the kind of writer that can bring a man to tears (so I’ve been told), and also make a woman feel appreciated.

It’s pretty obvious that J. Cole’s newest album 4 Your Eyez Only is his most popular one yet, well it has gotten the most press. Everyone knows he went platinum with no features on his last album. For good reason too, he even dedicates a song to his wife and daughter, well possibly his daughter. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if you listen to his album you’ll understand why there is speculation.

So J. Cole has it all, he has brains, beauty, and is taller than most celebrities out there, which is something I can appreciate.

Happy Monday!

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Image result for j cole

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Nelly Fans Rally With #SaveNelly & #HotInHerreStreamingParty Trend On Socia Media

Photo published for Nelly Fans Rally 'Hot In Herre' Streams To Help Pay Off $2.4 Million Tax Debt

Usually I hate most of the trending topics on the internet, I can’t stand the Harambe jokes anymore, I don’t like the Arthur memes, but #SaveNelly? That hashtag is one that I can fully put my support in.

The hashtag started to trend when news broke that Nelly, one of the most beloved rappers of all time, owes $2.4 million in taxes. At first I thought, how could this happen? How could you not pay that much money to the IRS. Then I saw the hashtag #SaveNelly and #HotInHerreStreamingParty trending, and I knew I had to be a part of this movement. I may not be interested in the Presidential election that is happening because both people running are lizards, but this movement? I could be behind it.

The goal is stream any of Nelly’s music, preferably “Hot In Herre” enough to help the rapper pay off his insane debt.

Of course streaming barely pays anything so we as a country need to play “Hot In Herre” a total of 287,176,547 times, but most likely more times.

Nelly has a diamond record. Nelly had a ton of bops. Nelly needs us, we need Nelly.

Just put one of Nelly’s albums on repeat on Spotify, or whatever other streaming you can, and keep your computer on silent if you don’t want to hear it.

If there is one thing I think the internet can do, it is to play “Hot In Herre” over 200,000,000 times, together we can make Nelly great again.


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Desiigner Arrested On Drugs & Gun Charges

Nope, Desiigner wasn’t arrested for his terrible music, he was arrested after a road rage altercation occurred in New York. TMZ broke the news that the young rapper got into a fight with a family in an SUV, and he allegedly pointed a gun at them while they were yelling at each other. The family took down Desiigner’s license plate before he sped off but cops were able to track him down.

When the cops searched the car they found a loaded gun, Oxycontin, and a large amount of other loose pills in the center console.

Desiigner along with the four others that were in the car were all arrested and brought to the station. All five were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell, both of these charges are felonies.

According to TMZ, all five men are still in custody.

Let’s see how this plays out.

So far Desiigner’s reps have yet to make any sort of comment on this arrest.

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Music Monday: “10 AM” – Chase

If you remember, Celebrities Are Tragic featured Chase back in May with his song “Love U” and he is back out with another hit, “10 AM”.

Somehow, I don’t know how, but Chase is an unsigned artist with incredible talent. He is an amazing writer and rapper, with songs that come from the heart. It is one of the many reasons why I have been a fan of this artist since day one. His focus on perfecting his craft is extremely impressive and with each new track, he just keeps getting better.

This song is a more personal track for Chase, which he explained to me. “So it was written for a girl I had a one night stand with I had to be at work at 10 am the next day, so it’s all the events leading up to that.” Chase then went on to explain that the girl meant more to him than just a casual hookup, but he moved to Los Angeles and she moved to Colorado.

My absolute favorite line is “I wish I missed my 10 am shift”, why? Everyone has those moments when they have responsibilities they have to take care of and sometimes you wonder what if you stuck around. Would things have changed? Who knows, because you had to take care of those responsibilities.

Big shout out to the female vocalist on the track Miranda Lambert! She sounded incredible!

Chase is going to blow up, I promise. If you are in the Los Angeles area, click on his Facebook line below to find out where he is performing, maybe in an area near you!

Be sure to follow his personal SoundCloud , Twitter, and Facebook for updates and become a fan before he is a household name!


if you know anyone who should be featured on my Music Monday please let me know through any of the links below!

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Music Monday: Happiness – Token

So Token is young rapper out of Boston, and he is about to put Boston on the map, I think that it is evident with all of his music, but his newest release “Happiness”, my jaw dropped. I love a song with a story and this is exactly what “Happiness” is. Everyone can relate to this song.

To be honest, Token has a ton of great music, this song was just released today so I thought it was perfect for Music Monday.

Check out his Facebook and Twitter. I promise you that Token has a really bright future ahead of him and we will be hearing from him for a long time coming. Remember Token is only 17 and already has this kind of insight? Pretty impressive if you ask me.

As always, if you know an artist that deserves to be features on Music Monday, click the Facebook or Twitter links below and let me know!

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Bow Wow Announces That He Is Retiring From Rap

I guess all I have to say to this news is, okay? I mean Bow Wow hasn’t put out an album since 2009, and that album sold just over 30,000 copies, so not a huge number but hey, Bow Wow did it big at one point. You have to respect that.

When he was just 13 he released his album “Beware of Dog” and it sold over 2 million units, something that is extremely impressive for anyone, never mind at 13 year old.

Apparently his newest album will be his final one, not sure when it will be released but Snoop Dogg will be a producer on it. Of course Snoop is the reason that Bow Wow got his start, he pulled him up on stage and then signed him right then and there.

No word on what his next step will be but I am going to guess acting, “Like Mike” was cinematic gold of course.

Really though, you can make fun of Bow Wow’s rap career but he made 20 million of rap, I think that is all that needs to be said.

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Rapper T.I. & TIDAL Team Up To Raise Over $80,000 For Education

Premiere Of Marvel's
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It’s always nice to hear about celebrities helping us regular folk, right? No but seriously, good work by T.I. and TIDAL on this one.

Back in February the rapper teamed up with TIDAL for an effort called “Money Talk”, designed to raised money for education throughout the country.

According to reports, the public donated over $46,000 to 86 charities that participated in the campaign, and T.I. took to Instagram to announce the top six winners of the contest!

T.I matched all of their donations by donating $35,000 that will serve youth in various communities.

Good work by T.I. and TIDAL! I hope that they continue to spread positivity and raise money for a good cause.

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