Music Monday: ‘Love U’ By Chase Stebbins

Chase Stebbins, or simply Chase has been quietly making moves in the rap game for a while now. He is an artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts but recently moved to Los Angeles and found a whole new sound. There are some artists that continue to improve over times and luckily for me I have known Chase for about four years now, and his music just keeps getting better.

His most recently song ‘Love U’ is by far his best song that he has recorded. The lyrics are incredible my favorite line of the song has to be “I like my women bad, more like broken”, so relatable.

I was lucky enough to ask Chase a few questions about his new sound and song ‘Love U’.

When I asked what inspired him he said, “My inspiration was my the last eight months of being in LA. I felt like leaving my comfort zone in Boston helped me realize the artist I am and who I want to be moving forward. I have experienced a lot of different artist in LA and I feel like this song is an expression of how I’m feeling right now as a musician not just a rapper.”

I was also able to ask him about his writing style. Most people don’t sit down in one sitting and write a song, and they definitely don’t do that when it comes to writing a book, art takes time. So, I wanted to know his process.

“I keep my phone on me at all times for when ideas come to me. You should see my notes app in my phone. I know that for sure every time I go to Hollywood, I leave with some great material. My favorite place to write is El Matador beach in Malibu.”

The truth is that Chase has been working hard for years, he writes his own music and can hustle like no other, there is no doubt in my mind that he has what it takes to make it big. He has already opened for artists like Big Sean, Jeremih, along with headlining a spring concert for a local Massachusetts college.

So get familiar with Chase so you can say you listened to him when.

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