Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Continue Their PDA Press Tour

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This past weekend was a busy one for the potentially fake Taylor and Tom. I have never seen more staged photos in my life, but anyway, I guess that I shouldn’t dwell on that. It is very clear that Tom wants to be the new James Bond and feels the need to become the new “it” guy so why not hook up with the “it” girl, right?

Anyway, over this past weekend the couple has went country hoping. They spend Thursday dancing at a Selena Gomez concert, Tom met her parents, which all caught on camera, the couple then boarded a planet to England where Taylor met Tom’s parents, which was again, all caught on camera.

I must say, I find it absolutely insane that the two of them aren’t even hiding how staged these photos are. They aren’t asking the photographers to make them slightly blurry or anything!

The couple did take another walk on the beach with Tom’s mother, it seems like the beach will be their go to place whenever they want to be photographed. In these photos check out how Tom is barely even holding Tay’s hand. Sorry Loki, if you’re using Taylor for press, you hold that hand tight!

Bravo to Tom though, he is now on everyone’s radar, hopefully he gets the James Bond role that he wants so badly.

I give this couple until the end of the summer. A swift romance indeed.

I am genuinely surprised that they are still trying to make us believe they are a couple when it is so blatantly obvious that they are doing this all for show.

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