Man Crush Monday : J. Cole

J. Cole released a surprise album this past week and it is clear that he is one of the best to ever hold a mic. Let’s be real about that. His music is so deep and has such meaningful lyrics, it is almost like spoken word rather than hip hop, just my opinion.

That is something that makes this man so attractive. He is smart, smart with his words and with his beats. He is the kind of writer that can bring a man to tears (so I’ve been told), and also make a woman feel appreciated.

It’s pretty obvious that J. Cole’s newest album 4 Your Eyez Only is his most popular one yet, well it has gotten the most press. Everyone knows he went platinum with no features on his last album. For good reason too, he even dedicates a song to his wife and daughter, well possibly his daughter. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if you listen to his album you’ll understand why there is speculation.

So J. Cole has it all, he has brains, beauty, and is taller than most celebrities out there, which is something I can appreciate.

Happy Monday!

Image result for j cole

Image result for j cole

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