Happy 24th Birthday Chance The Rapper!

Sometimes I feel old, I mean I am not that old, I am only 26 but when I see that people younger than me have won Grammys and are changing the world.

Seeing that Chance the Rapper is only 24 years old is absolutely mind blowing. This artist is absolutely wise beyond his years. Obviously he is an insanely talented rapper. He has already won a Grammy and I am guessing that he will win more during his career.

Chance also has raised money for public schools of Chicago and he continues to grow as an artist and philanthropist.

Happy birthday Chance, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you and your career!

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Happy 24th Birthday Nick Jonas!

Over the summer I was lucky enough to see Nick Jonas twice in concert and both times, he absolutely slayed it. His voice is one of the best out there and I have a feeling that with his next solo album it will only be better. He is definitely finding what works for him, and I can’t wait to see what is next for him!

This year has definitely been great for the singer. He was able to join Demi on a nationwide, potentially world wide tour, performed at the VMA’s, and released his second solo album!

Happy birthday Nick! Thanks for all of the bops that commercial music won’t play because they are haters!

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Happy 24th Birthday Demi Lovato!

Happy 24th birthday to one of the greatest female vocalists out there at the moment, and one that doesn’t get nearly enough commercialized success like she deserves. I think that we can all agree that her songs don’t get nearly as much air play, or anything like that. Not fair but hey, it’s life and I think that soon we will be getting some seriously incredible music and she will rule the charts.

Thank you for using your celebrity for good after you decided to better yourself.

Keep on slaying Demi, you’re crushing it!

Happy birthday!

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