Music Monday: “Wine & Cigs” – Chase Stebbins

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If you’ve followed my Music Monday posts at all there is a good chance that you’ve seen Chase Stebbins featured here a few times. He was a local Boston rapper who is now living in Los Angeles trying to follow his dreams.

In my opinion this is probably his best song, it shows his true growth as an artist, trying out a different sound, and making it work. This video is dope too, I just had to throw that out there.

Luckily I was able to ask Chase a few songs about his new sound, his big move to LA, and his biggest influences.

1) What inspired this song?
The song was about a conversation i had with my mother about moving to LA and following my dream

2) This is a new sound from you, are you planning on continuing down this route or just continue to try out different sounds?
I do want to continue down this route when it comes to my sound. I am comfortable on every record now. I know who I am with my music now and because of that I can start growing

3) You’re a Massachusetts native who ventured out to Los Angeles to follow his dreams. What was the hardest part of moving across country?
The hardest part was giving up all the connections and relationships back home. It’s a complete fresh start which is scary for some, but I learned to love the challenge.

4) Can we expect a full album or mixtape any time soon?
I have a few things in the works, but don’t hold your breathe for a full on album just yet

 5) What artists inspire you the most when it comes to your own music?
I’m currently taking a lot of inspiration from Mac Miller and Chance The Rapper. I love to watch them perform because they just let the music and beat pull them and make it look so natural.

Chase is definitely making waves on his own though on the West Coast. He has already performed at a ton of different venues, and is headlining his first show tomorrow May 16th at The Study Hollywood.

All that I can say is Chase has come a long way from rapping Eminem at karaoke to putting together incredible songs with deep lyrics.

His time is coming, I can feel it.

Be sure to check out his SoundCloud , Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for updates!

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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Spend The Weekend In Boston

Well it looks like Kylie is officially over Tyga , something that Kris Jenner is probably extremely happy about.

They couple have been rumored to be dating since they were spotted holding hands at Coachella. Neither have confirmed their relationship but they have been spotted hanging out at Clippers games and now of course Boston.

Travis Scott was playing at Bentley University, which is just outside of Boston, and Kylie was there to support him.

Kylie is 19 and Travis is 25.

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Man Crush Monday : Isaiah Thomas

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In case you haven’t noticed I am a big sports fan.

Just kidding, I just like to look at athletes. I can watch sports and understand them but I don’t, that simple. I simply Google good looking athletes and make my picks from there!

Last night though, Isaiah Thomas came in clutch for the Celtics. They are in the playoffs, I don’t know what round but I know it is a big deal, that’s all I know. I know that they didn’t play well the past two games but last night, Isaiah played his heart out and the Celtics ended up winning.

From what I am told, Isaiah is basically the heart and soul of this years Celtics team.

Now there are a lot of reasons why I am attracted to Isaiah Thomas. The first is that he is a dedicated husband and wife, come on, that’s adorable. The second is that he kind of reminds me of Ja Rule a little bit when he wears his sweatband, and the final reason is that he is only 5’9″. He is almost a foot shorter than everyone else out there but he is still killing it.

So keep on making Boston proud Isaiah.

Happy Monday!

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Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen Enjoy John Mayer Concert In Boston

Last night John Mayer performed his sold out show at the TD Garden in Boston and Boston royalty were there.

The greatest quarterback alive Tom Brady and Gisele, one of the best models alive, took in the show last night.

As usual the couple kept a very low profile and sat in a private box to take in the show. It doesn’t look like any of their children were there so they were most likely making it a date night.

Gisele resting her head on Tom’s shoulder listening to John Mayer in a private box is what I like to call, relationship goals.

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Music Monday : I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Cover) – Limitless


Sounds Limitless is a band that I have been following for a while now. They are a Boston based EDM group that are starting to make some big moves to say the least.

The music group Limitless was formed in 2017 by two Boston-based DJ/Producers. After playing at every major nightclub in Boston (from Royale, Whisky Saigon, to RISE, etc), they wanted more. So they began to push the limits of what people are used to when it comes to nightclubs, DJs, and the electronic music scene.

By combining aspects of live performance, DJing, and instruments, this group has created something that can never stop evolving. They can add an endless amount of variety, including different instruments, visuals, genres of music, and number of vocalists to each set and each song they play. This freedom to constantly expand and push the limits of the norm is what makes them “Limitless”. Which is refreshing, especially in the EDM world when music being made is so focused on being popular that it forgets to be unique and challenge these norms.

Limitless encourages everyone to push the boundaries of the norm to create something new, exciting, and mind-blowing. Limitless itself is a family of members who all share the common goal of pushing against the boundaries of the norm.

The group is all about pushing boundaries and pushing yourself to the limit.

They believe that anything is possible, everything is limitless.

In my opinion there is no way that this group doesn’t blow up within the next few years. If producers can blow up by standing behind a DJ booth then Limitless’ unique way of putting together instruments along with vocals and a beat, there is no way they can be ignored.

Good news is that they are currently recording original music and it should be out in April!

So be sure to follow this group because I have a feeling they will be blowing up in time!

Check out their Soundcloud, FacebookMixcloud, and website!

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Music Monday : “Wild And Crazy” – Alec MacGillivray

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Country boys, am I right? I mean there is just something about a guy who has that country twang to his voice, have him play guitar, and sing, it’s a great combination. Can we all agree with that? Well, probably not since people either really love country or hate it.

I absolutely love it though, and when you find a great singer you have to tell all of your friends, right?

After doing a bit of research through Facebook I stumbled upon Alec MacGillivray, an up and coming country artist from the Boston area. He was born in Tennessee but he moved up north so he is a country boy with Boston swagger. Those are his words, not mine.

He has already opened for artists like Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, and Frankie Ballard. This summer he will even be joining Sam Hunt for a few tour dates this summer!

Alec already has some serious buzz about his music and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of him in the future.

Be sure to check out his website, YouTube page, Facebook page, and listen to his music on Spotify or Itunes.

You can say that you listened to him way back when!

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Music Monday : “Sunshine” – The Elovaters

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There’s nothing like starting off a Monday with some incredible music, am I right? Today I was scrolling through Facebook and a band called The Elovaters (formerly known as The Cornerstone) popped up and after hearing their song “Sunshine”, I became absolutely obsessed.

The band is from the Boston area, according to their Facebook page  they were influenced by Sublime and Bob Marley, which you can definitely hear through their music.

The Elovaters are Reggae/Rock/Funk band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The band is fronted by lead singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Jackson Wetherbee who has toured internationally. The Elovaters also feature musicians formerly of New England Music Award winning bands; The Aldous Collins Band and Last Call. The sound is similar to that of UB40, The Police, Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their show is fun, energetic and has festive crowds dancing, grooving, and singing along.They have supporting headliners such as Kool and The Gang, Akon, Ballyhoo, Stick Figure, Collie Buddz, Trombone Shorty, The Movement, New Kingston, and Galactic.

So I would suggest that you check them out while they are on tour now because eventually these guys will be filling up concert venues across the country. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

You can find all of their tour dates here! Check out their YouTube , Instagram, and Twitter as well so you never miss a new song from The Elovaters!

Real question though, is it possible to be in a bad mood when you listen to reggae music?

I think that right now we could all use more music like this!

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Exclusive Interview With Boston Singer Hannah Rae About Her New EP The Surface

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The moment that you hear Hannah Rae’s voice you a transported into a world that you believe is a better place. Her gentle tone along with beautiful guitar playing is so beautiful and calming. In a way she reminds me a bit of Tori Kelly, but she is also so unique and original. The way that she performs and puts together her execution of the song, it’s different than the typical music you hear on the radio today. In reality it is a breath of fresh air.

I have been following Hannah’s career for quite some time now. Luckily for me, I actually went to high school with Hannah so I have been able to see her grow more confident with her talents and see her believe in herself the way others believe in her.

Hannah released her first big music project, an EP titled The Surface, at the beginning of January 2017. It is available on Itunes and Amazon, where it already has a 5 star rating.

Before you read the questions that she so graciously answered, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook, along with check out more songs available on her Soundcloud account!

1. Who are you biggest musical influences?

“That’s a tough question! I have a lot and it’s funny because a lot of the music I listen to, doesn’t reflect my style of music. I would have to say the main influence is my favorite band, Paramore. I know that’s different. I grew up listening to many different genres of music, but when I discovered them, I was 11 and was in total awe. Hayley Williams was the reason I began singing. I saw their music video for their song, ‘Pressure’ and I remember thinking, “Holy crap. That’s amazing. She’s so badass and I’m going to do that one day.””

2. What inspired you to write the song “The Surface”?

“Surface was a song that I wrote a little over a year ago about a guy. Hella cheesy, I know. I was so infatuated by him and he made me feel like I was walking on clouds, I had to get my feelings out and the best way I knew how was through writing a song! I thought it was romantic and he liked it a lot when I played it for him.”

3. There are a few covers on your EP, why did you choose those specific songs to cover?

“I chose “Yellow” because I love Coldplay. They give me all the feels and I just wanted a slow jam on the track list and “Yellow” gives you just that. I chose “Wild Things” because I absolutely adore Alessia Cara and her music. She’s such a dope artist and that song really puts me in a great mood!”

4. When you write, do you have a specific place you like to write?

“I like to write in my bedroom or sometimes the beach. I need a place that’s quiet. I like an environment that gives me peace.”

5. Who would be your dream collaboration? 

“There are way, way too many. Paramore, of course! Tori Kelly, Alessia Cara, Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. There’s a lot of talented artists in today’s modern music and I would love to collaborate with all of them. In all genres too!”

6. How has music changed your life? 

“Music has been my saving grace for as long as I can remember. I can’t even remember specifically when I was like, “Wow, I love music and I wanna pursue this the rest of my life.” It’s been a passion of mine since forever and it’s my entire happiness. There’s a lot of disconnect in the world and the only thing that seems to connect people, is music. It’s a community and it brings people together, makes people understand. It lives through me and I don’t think I will ever be able to describe how much it’s kept me going in my life.”

7. What is your all time favorite song?

“I have too many! As of right now though, I am really digging Kehlani’s music. She’s a dope R&B singer. I’m seeing her in February live and I’m so hyped about it!”

8. On the entire album, what lyric stands out most? What one means the most?

“You are stronger than you think you are, keep your heart of gold among the stars.” Or “You don’t know how much you grow when you let go.” Both are from “Lessons Learned”. Both have pertained to my life recently and there’s nothing more true than those lyrics I wrote. There’s not anything in life you cannot accomplish or overcome as long as you are true to yourself and do what’s right, once you learn how to do that, it gets easier to let go of the bad and toxic negativity that’s holding you back. I’m just a small girl, only 5′, from Boston with big dreams. I love music and if I’m not doing that, I’m probably at a show seeing other musicians. And if I’m not doing that, I’m probably at home in bed napping and eating food. This was my first big musical project and I was anxious to start. I had never recorded anything this in depth before and I knew it was going to be challenging, but I was ready to take it on. I wanted to do this album for not just myself, but so my friends and family could hear my sound. I was always doing small stuff with music, but this was a huge commitment and I wanted to finally present myself as a musician, as an artist. I’m such a creative person and this album process was so fun. It was fun to let my mind wander wherever!”

9. Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC ?

“I saw Backstreet Boys when I was 9 and I ended up getting front my row seats which resulted in me touching their hands. I went insane, but I have the strongest love for *NSYNC!”

10. Britney or Christina?

“Britney all the way!”

From a personal standpoint I truly believe that Hannah is an absolutely gifted musician who also had a great heart. Listening to her lyrics you can tell that she wears her heart on her sleeve and that she isn’t afraid to express emotion through her art.

She is definitely an artist you should keep an eye out for.

Again follow her on any of her social media outlets TwitterFacebook, and  Soundcloud. Be sure to pick up “The Surface” on Itunes  or Amazon too!

Thank you for the interview Hannah!

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Music Monday: Chase Stebbins Releases Music Video For “10 AM”

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Today up and coming rapper Chase Stebbins released a visually stunning music video for “10 AM”. The song also features up and coming vocalist Miranda Rose, who has an incredible voice.

Chase is originally from Boston but moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming the next big thing. Clearly he has a lot of talent and I genuinely believe that he will make it. With his rapping ability, play on words, and nice smile, there’s no way he won’t make it. His hustle is also like no other, something you have to respect.

In case you were wondering he has already opened for artists like Big Sean and Jeremih.

Be sure to follow his personal SoundCloud , Twitter, and Facebook for updates!

I know this song was a very personal one for him, so make sure to listen to the lyrics and watch the video in HD!

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Man Crush Monday: David Ortiz

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Over the weekend David “Big Papi” Ortiz was honored as he played his final regular season game in a Red Sox uniform. Of course they off to the playoffs so we will see his handsome mug for a little while longer, but it is a big deal that he is leaving! He has been a staple to Boston sports for over a decade now. How else could I think of honoring this legend? Making him an honorary Man Crush Monday of course!

Big Papi is not only a total babe, he is also an extremely talented baseball player. He is always hitting home runs, making the big plays when needed, he is an all around great player, that’s for sure! Ortiz also spends a lot of time giving back to the community of Boston and to his home country of the Dominican Republic.

He has an incredible smile, he is definitely a big dude so he could protect you, and he seems to be really funny. Big Papa is just an all around babe, that’s for sure.

There are few things that you can say about a legend that has yet to be said. He will be a hall of fame player, he did his best to make Boston a better place, and his number will now hang in the rafters.

Happy Monday!

Big Papi you will be missed!

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Image result for david ortiz

Image result for david ortiz

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