Man Crush Monday: Logic

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Right now Logic is absolutely blowing up on the radio due to his latest song “1-800-273-8255” which is well deserved in my opinion. Logic has been coming out with music for a long time but this song? It just hits so close to home for so many people and it’s a song on the radio that actually has a solid message rather than just a good beat.

So a little bit about Logic, his actual name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, how proper is that? It’s proper as fuck. He is from Maryland and had a bit of a tough childhood but was clearly able to prosper and put all of that into his music.

Logic has been putting out music since 2010 but really hit it big with Young Sinatra, which I suggest you check out as soon as possible. It’s incredible.

Really though, I don’t think that Logic could have been out a more powerful song at a better time.

So not only is he a babe, he is open about his own issues with anxiety, he is also a married man, he’s been married since 2015.

Be ready for more music from Logic, this is just the start.

Happy Monday!

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