15 Reasons Ryan Phillippe Is Still The Hottest Guy In Hollywood

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In case you didn’t know, Ryan Phillippe is still one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. He has been hot since the 90’s and he is just getting better with age. Let’s be real, he is like a fine glass of wine and I love wine. Was that weird? Eh, I stand by my statement.

Now he is in a new show called ‘Shooter’ on TBS, and it is really good. I am usually not into shows or movies with guns and all of that stuff but Ryan absolutely kills it. Of course it is only one episode in but so far it is good. So be sure to check that out.

Here we go, I went through Ryan’s Instagram and took the ten hottest photos from it so you don’t have to scroll too much. If you want to see all of his hysterical posts click here. So let’s go and put some respect on Ryan Phillippe’s name!

15. He’s loyal to his teams

14. He’s a master barber

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Haircut Son!

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13. He can appreciate a good throw back

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#tbt #homegrown

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12. He can work from home.


11. He’s hot when he is tired.

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me rn (also me in the movie "straight a's")

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10. He looks good when he is flexing

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double OT

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9. Even when salty he looks great


8.He can still rock glasses he probably rocked in the 90’s, tinted shades are so hot

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new phone who dis?

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7. Real life, if I ever saw Ryan, I would be that lady


6. Who doesn’t love a man and a frenchie?

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don't talk to me or my daughter's dog ever again

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5. Ryan-ception


4. Still down with mirror selfies


3. He’s artsy AF


2. Flexin for a cause

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gone but not forgotten #POW #MIA

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1. For real, he has a great charity you should all check out


God bless!

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Ryan Phillippe Reveals What Bothers His Daughter Ava The Most About Him

Right now Ryan Phillippe is on a press tour promoting his upcoming show ‘Shooter’ that looks pretty bad ass. It is about a sniper in the military and I think that the President gets shot and he is blamed for it? I think that is what it is about.

Well, Ryan was on James Corden late last week and he opened up about what bothers his daughter the most when they are together.

I won’t spoil it for you before you watch the video but it is pretty hysterical.

Really though, I don’t think that Ryan ages, neither does Reese, so their children are very genetically gifted.

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