Brant Daugherty Is Looking Hotter Than Ever In Latest Photo Shoot

Please prepare yourself because the photos you are about to see are probably the hottest photos I have seen in a while. Not even trying to be dramatic here, I am being serious.

Most of us know Brant from being Noel Kahn in ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ and he has grown into one fine ass man. Can we all agree with that?

Brant has been training hard for maybe a new movie, I don’t really know the reason, but I won’t complain about it.

Enough hyping these photos up.

Prepare yourself.

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Zac Efron Wears All White To The MTV Movie & TV Awards

I think that we can all agree MTV awards are kind of the worst. Anyone who shows up probably knows that they are going to win. This year MTV is trying to spice it up by making it the movies and television awards.

It won’t spice anything up.

Zac Efron arriving in a bland white outfit spiced it up though!

I never thought I would be attracted to any man that was wearing all white, along with adding ripped jeans to the look, but here I am.

Efron can do no wrong.

Let’s appreciate it.

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Drake Shows Off Ripped Body In New Instagram Photo

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Lately, Drake has definitely been working out and everyone has noticed. Well I am guessing that everyone has noticed.

Today he took to Instagram to let everyone know that he has been working out. It is definitely showing too.

Right now Drake is enjoying a vacation, I think, and he is just standing in pools having his friends take photos of him. That the life, right?

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🌺🌴Peace Seeking

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin’s 10 Hottest Instagram Pictures

Image result for javi marroquin

I am about to come clean right now, be prepared. I love “Teen Mom 2” and “Teen Mom OG” too, I have followed the girls for like seven years now and I am a pretty big fan. That simple. Know who I have had a crush on since he showed up on my television screen though? Javi.

In case you didn’t know Javi was married to Kailynn but the two recently divorced. The two had a bit of a tough relationship but now, Javi is single.

If you didn’t know Javi is also in the military which makes him like ten times hotter, right?

Well check out the top ten hottest photos from his Instagram!

10. Javi and the legendary Babs

9. He owns a ‘Degrassi’ basketball jersey and I need one immediately

8. Perfection

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@ttmlifestyle ✊🏻👌

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7. Red carpet mode

6.So sweaty.

5. No caption needed, right?

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All I need

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4. ‘Degrassi’ and flexing

3.Imagine waking up next to this

2.No explanation needed

1. Stubble and daddy mode

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Merry Christmas linky linc!

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Where can I find me a man like this? If anyone knows please let me know !

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Is Brad Pitt Looking Better Than Ever?

Obviously this past year has been a tough one on Brad but by looking at him, you’d have no idea. He and Angelina broke up and there have been reports about child abuse that were found to be false, but Angelina is still sure that Brad can’t be around their children. She also said he was a super pot head, and drinks too much.

All that I am saying is that Brad is looking damn fine, I guess I can’t judge him on all of that unless he is found guilty of child abuse.

Last night he showed up at the Golden Globes and received a standing ovation. It was the warmest welcome he has received and interesting that he and Angie are over now his peers love him again.

I don’t know if it is because he isn’t about 8 children and Angelina or what, but he is looking damn fine.

Brad Pitt is what all actors should aspire to be, forever hot and talented.

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15 Reasons Ryan Phillippe Is Still The Hottest Guy In Hollywood

Related image

In case you didn’t know, Ryan Phillippe is still one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. He has been hot since the 90’s and he is just getting better with age. Let’s be real, he is like a fine glass of wine and I love wine. Was that weird? Eh, I stand by my statement.

Now he is in a new show called ‘Shooter’ on TBS, and it is really good. I am usually not into shows or movies with guns and all of that stuff but Ryan absolutely kills it. Of course it is only one episode in but so far it is good. So be sure to check that out.

Here we go, I went through Ryan’s Instagram and took the ten hottest photos from it so you don’t have to scroll too much. If you want to see all of his hysterical posts click here. So let’s go and put some respect on Ryan Phillippe’s name!

15. He’s loyal to his teams

14. He’s a master barber

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Haircut Son!

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13. He can appreciate a good throw back

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#tbt #homegrown

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12. He can work from home.

11. He’s hot when he is tired.

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me rn (also me in the movie "straight a's")

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10. He looks good when he is flexing

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double OT

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9. Even when salty he looks great

8.He can still rock glasses he probably rocked in the 90’s, tinted shades are so hot

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new phone who dis?

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7. Real life, if I ever saw Ryan, I would be that lady

6. Who doesn’t love a man and a frenchie?

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don't talk to me or my daughter's dog ever again

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5. Ryan-ception

4. Still down with mirror selfies

3. He’s artsy AF

2. Flexin for a cause

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gone but not forgotten #POW #MIA

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1. For real, he has a great charity you should all check out

God bless!

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Harry Styles Steps Out And Shows Off His Short Hair

all photo credit

I will admit, I am still not on the whole Harry Styles is the most beautiful man ever train, but I will say that I can appreciate when he looks good. Like these pictures? Hot damn, that’s really all I can say. He actually looks like he has showered, he has his hair all slicked and looking hot. I can appreciate this.

Keep your hair short, and always wear a suit Harry. That is my advice.

Also, when is your solo stuff coming out? I feel like it is going to be straight fire!

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Who Would You Rather, Dwayne Johnson Or Nick Jonas?

Talk about a tough choice, am I right? I am sitting here trying to think about who I would rather. I mean Dwayne Johnson is in my top five but so is Nick Jonas. This is like a Sophie’s choice of hot dudes?

So you have Dwayne Johnson who probably had 2% body fat, he has an incredible smile, and seems to have a sensitive side. I mean he has a little french bulldog, and takes his time out to meet with fans while he is on set. It is really sweet. He is funny, handsome, and could break anyone in half if you asked him too. He could not only be your boyfriend but also your personal bodyguard, pretty solid choice.

Then we have Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas who is only like 5’7″ but there is just something about him. He also has muscles, not as intimidating at Dwayne’s but he does have a nice build. He also seems sensitive with his song writing, and I have yet to hear a bad thing about him in the press. He just seems like a little teddy bear who will sing you sleep if you asked him too.

I mean both seem great, right? Talented, handsome, and have a little bit of a sensitive side.

So who do I choose?

As much as I love you Nick, I have to go with The Rock on this one. There is just something about his megawatt smile and his muscles on muscles that get to me. Maybe Nick can perform at our wedding? That would be great.

These two are filming “Jumanji”, well a remake of the classic that really should have never been touched but hey, it means we will get more pictures of these two hotties together!

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Man Crush Monday: Tyler Hoechlin

All I can say is that it is about damn time that Tyler got the love the he deserves. I have had a massive crush on him since he played Martin on ‘7th Heaven’ and my crush has never stopped. Those piercing blue eyes and dark features? How can you not just stop, stare, and appreciate the man.

He was kind of out of the spotlight for a bit, played college baseball. until he was able to get a role in the ‘Teen Wolf’ remake on MTV. He played a badass lone wolf or something. I only watched the first season but he was shirtless a lot and I couldn’t complain about that.

If you weren’t aware he was just announced as the newest Superman too, something that obviously means you’re hot. There has never been an ugly Superman, think about it. Only good looking men with dark hair and light eyes are allowed to play Clark Kent. In my opinion Tom Welling may have been the hottest of them all but hey, we aren’t talking about Tom Welling, so I need to focus a little bit better. He has also recently been cast in the new Fifth Shades movie, so he will be on big screens everywhere soon enough.

Happy Monday and to Tyler, I am glad you are finally getting the love you deserve!

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Do You Like Zac Efron’s New Hair Style?

Since filming Baywatch, Efron‘s hair has become lighter and lighter, along with becoming buffer and buffer. It is clearly for the role but I haven’t seen it this light until now.

Zac was out there being a great guy, telling kids why it is important to stay in school which I commend. His hair though, it really threw me off. Is it weird that I am kind of into it? I mean in reality Zac Efron can’t do much wrong with his looks.

Now I have to say that I grew up during peak boy band era. His hair kind of reminds me of Lance Bass’ hair, which let’s be real, was pretty legendary. Do I love it? No? Do I hate it? Oddly enough no.

I can’t wait until he goes back to his normal haircut, or at least gets those roots done but at the end of the day, Efron is a forever babe.

To be honest I would get rid of the leather pants before I got rid of the frosted tips.