Chance The Rapper Brings Daughter Kensli To Disney!

I think that we can all agree that Chance the Rapper is one of the hottest rappers out right now. He is out there touring the country and raising money to help inner city schools, two very awesome things.

Well today Chance took some time out of his busy work schedule to bring his daughter Kensli to Disney World.

The rapper is currently in Florida for a show in Miami, so it looks like he made sure to spend time with his adorable daughter.

There are many reports that Chance and Kensli’s mother are no longer today but it’s pretty clear that they are both very interested in making sure everything is perfect for their daughter.

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Come through Queen.

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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk’s First Child’s Name & Gender Revealed!

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Well shit, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it was going to take! I really thought that this couple was going to keep us waiting with the gender, and their child’s name.

Are you ready for this information? Are you really prepared?

Bradley and Irina welcomed a baby girl! That’s right, a beautiful baby girl, I assume at least! Now the name that they chose is actually beautiful and I am surprised with the double last name.

E! News confirms that they named their daughter Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper.

Congrats to the happy family, maybe we will get a photo sooner rather than later!

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Machine Gun Kelly Sings “At My Best” With His Daughter

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If you’re a Machine Gun Kelly fan you probably know that he loves his daughter very much. He has rapped about her, he posts photos with her, and he talks about her pretty often. Her name is Casie and she is nine-years-old now.

MGK even had Casie in a few of his music videos, and has always been there on her first day of school. He is definitely a doting father to the young girl.

Last night on his Instagram he posted an adorable video of he and his daughter singing to his latest song “At My Best” which will probably be another hit.

MGK is on fire right now and I genuinely believe that this will be his biggest year ever.

Check out the adorable video below!

After watching this video MGK is even hotter than before, right?

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See Ava Phillippe’s Birthday Message For “Best Friend” Reese Witherspoon

Ava Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon‘s clone, I mean daughter, took to Instagram to wish her mother a happy birthday.

Today, Reese turns 41 and she doesn’t look a day over 25. So Ava, you have those genes to look forward too, not to mention Ryan Phillippe hasn’t aged either.

No real story here, just a sweet post.

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Julian Edelman Shares New Photo With Daughter Lily

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For the past two weeks Julian Edelman has been busy celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl comeback win. He’s been on morning talk shows, late night talk shows, and really just all over the place since he is one of the key players on the team.

It looks like Edelman is finally ready for some downtime though. After a long season, he is now content spending some time with his daughter. That’s right. In case you didn’t know Edelman introduced his daughter to the world on Instagram back in early December.

Now it looks like Edelman is content hanging out with his daughter and watching golf until training for next season starts up.

Swoon city, right?

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Leaves The Hospital !

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Earlier this week it was reported that Jamie Lynn Spears‘ eight year old daughter Maddie was rushed to the hospital after crashing her ATV, and being submerged underwater for a few minutes.

When the accident was first reported it seemed as though things were very grim for young Maddie. Good news today though! Jamie Lynn posted a photo of herself and Maddie heading home!

Maddie has made a full recovery! Great news for the Spears family and may Maddie continue to have a full recovery.

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Reese Witherspoon & Daughter Ava Phillippe Look Like Twins At The ‘Big Little Lies’ Premiere

(Photo: Steve Granitz, WireImage)

It looks like 40 year old Reese Witherspoon decided to bring her 17 year old self to the premier of her newest project, ‘Big Little Lies‘ which will air on February 17th, on HBO.

So last night, Reese and her daughter Ava walked down the red carpet together and they really do look so much alike. The only difference is that Ava has more rounded features which she got from her father, Ryan Phillippe.

Obviously the Witherspoon/Phillippe children are blessed with perfect genetics but it must get old constantly hearing how young and attractive your parents are, right? In an interview Ryan said that at times he gets confused for Ava’s brother which really bothers her. I guess with perfect genetics comes some weird moments.

Lately Ava has been doing a decent amount of red carpet appearances, maybe she is getting the acting bug? Time will tell.

The two also took to Instagram to shares photos of each other, the one of Reese and Ava looking eye to eye almost looks like it could be a mirrored reflection.

Just a little side note, ‘Big Little Lies’ looks dope.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Seriously Injured In ATV Accident

Image result for jamie lynn spears and daughter

TMZ has reported that Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter has been seriously injured in an ATV accident earlier today.

It is said that she was on a hunting trip and the ATV she was riding flipped which left her unconscious and underwater for a few minutes.

Sources from TMZ say that she was airlifted to the hospital and that she is considered to be in critical condition.

Jamie Lynn was not with her daughter at the time.

Sending thoughts and prayers to the family.

This story is developing at this time.

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Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris Share First Photo Of Their Twin Boys!

Jensen Ackles  and Danneel Harris went from having one baby girl, to one baby girl and two boys just a few months ago. The couple has always been relatively quiet about their personal life but today they offered a rare glimpse into what it is like at their now obviously busy home.

Check out Jensen feeding both sons, Zeppelin and Arrow, and their daughter JJ poking fun at Jensen.

Congrats to the happy family!

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#family #happy2017 #spnfamily

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Chance The Rapper Shares Photos Of Daughter Kensil On Instagram

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Chance The Rapper took to Instagram to share the first photos of his daughter Kensil. He took the time to introduce the little girl to the world, he has spoken about her but never shared a photo or anything.

Kensil was born in September of 2015, and the mother is reportedly Kristen Corley, and he is still dating her. That’s what reports say at least.

Check out the adorable photos and videos below.

This little girl clearly has him wrapped around her little finger.

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Look up Kensli, say cheese!

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😭😭 now I can't stop 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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