Zac Efron & ‘High School Musical’ Cast Have Mini Reunion!

Lucas Grabeel and I saw Corbin Bleu DANCE on AIR ala Fred Astaire last night. He tapped “Firecracker” and lit the stage on 🔥 with his moves! Check out #HolidayInnMusical#amazingshow#theboysareback

Now listen, I never watched ‘High School Musical’ but I know that everyone gets beyond excited about it. I understand the hype so I figured that this would make a lot of people happy. I do aim to please, we all know this.

Zac Efron and Lucas Grabel went to see Corbin Bleu perform on stage last night, and the boys took their time to get a selfie.

This cast seems to hang out quite often. Ashley and Vanessa are still close, Zac also spends time with Ashley here and there. It’s always awesome to see former cast mates hang out!

Corbin is look good, right? What a babe.

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