Ashley Tisdale Covers Britney Spears’ “Toxic”

So real talk, when is Ashley Tisdale going to release a new album? “He said, she said” was absolute gold and clearly Ashley can sing. This girl has a serious set of pipes on her. I am going to start a Twitter petition for new music!

I am really into this cover though. Usually I hate acoustic covers of “Toxic”, well mostly the Glee version, but Ashley kills it.

In case you forgot she did team up with Vanessa Hudgens to cover “Ex’s & Oh’s”, which they did an incredible job of.

Right now, I just need a new Ashley album, is that too much to ask?

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Zac Efron & ‘High School Musical’ Cast Have Mini Reunion!

Lucas Grabeel and I saw Corbin Bleu DANCE on AIR ala Fred Astaire last night. He tapped “Firecracker” and lit the stage on 🔥 with his moves! Check out #HolidayInnMusical#amazingshow#theboysareback

Now listen, I never watched ‘High School Musical’ but I know that everyone gets beyond excited about it. I understand the hype so I figured that this would make a lot of people happy. I do aim to please, we all know this.

Zac Efron and Lucas Grabel went to see Corbin Bleu perform on stage last night, and the boys took their time to get a selfie.

This cast seems to hang out quite often. Ashley and Vanessa are still close, Zac also spends time with Ashley here and there. It’s always awesome to see former cast mates hang out!

Corbin is look good, right? What a babe.

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Zac Efron Gets A Fresh New Haircut

I don’t even care that the picture is blurry as well, what I care about is how beautiful Zac Efron is. Let’s just take a moment to lean back and relax, stare at the picture, and be in love. See that jawline covered in stubble? Well it is fucking perfect, that is that. Plus you can tell he is all buff and whatever under that v-neck t-shirt. My personal favorite Efron look was when he was filming ‘The Lucky One’.

If this is a look for a new movie then I will be seeing it for sure. I mean, I would probably see just about anything that Zac is in, can’t even pretend I wouldn’t.

Let’s hope this whole facial hair, high fade team lasts for a long, long time.

Zac Efron Dances To ‘Wiggle’ By Jason Derulo

Do I understand why Zac Efron is dancing on a table top with two other men? No, I don’t. Do I care? Nope, I sure don’t. Anything with Zac Efron makes me happy. Especially anything with Zac Efron dancing. In my perfect world is would be Danny Zucco and I would be Sandy, and we would dance and sing together.

Usually Efron is pretty private about his well private life so I was surprised to see that a video like this was released. I mean if you are going to expose a bit of your private life it usually didn’t dancing on a table with three other men.

I vote that Efron does more of these videos. Just to prove he can move that body.

I think that we can all agree, Efron has come a long way from his High School Musical days and we are all thankful for that.

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Zac Efron spotted for the first time since the jaw “accident”


Well, well,well look who is finally coming out of hiding after his weird broken jaw. Remember the one where he apparently slipped on a little water then broke it, yeah well look at him now. His jaw is just looking a little bit swollen! That is right ladies and gays, Efron still has the jawline of a Greek God! We can all commence in celebration now!

I am still wondering if he is going to do press an stuff with a broken jaw, he totally should in my opinion. It would be kind of hilarious.