‘Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’ Cast Reunited To Celebrate America Ferrera’s Pregnancy

We are two days into 2018 and I am totally here for this year and it’s all because of this moment. That’s right, if this is the best that 2018 gets then I am totally here for it!

Yesterday America Ferrera announced that she was expecting her first child and I joked about how they should all get together and let their kids have a play date.

Well, I will take this too, in fact I prefer this!

It looks like the cast got together to celebrate America’s good news. How amazing is that? Can they just make another movie, please? I know there is a book where they are all parents and stuff, I don’t even care. I just want them all to be on screen again.

I don’t know why I am so emotional about this photo but here I am with tears in my eyes. I just love them so much.

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Ginger Spice Apologizes For Leaving Spice Girls 19 Years Later

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If you Fifth Harmony fans thought it was bad when Camila left the group, it doesn’t even compare to the devastation that happened when Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls.

I can remember hearing that Ginger was gone and thinking, it’s fine they will still be a band. Guess what? It wasn’t fine.

The band put out one final album, which wasn’t too bad then broke up before going on a reunion tour in 2008. Since then? They had a quick performance at the Olympics opening in London but it’s pretty clear the band isn’t getting back together.

Ginger was present for both of those reunions.

Really though, how can she even sleep at night? They lost so much money with that one move.

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*NSYNC Denies Those Reunion Rumors

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Yesterday the internet exploded because Lance Bass said that *NSYNC was definitely getting back together to celebrate their 20th anniversary. He also added that they would be back together to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then went on to talk about how the group had a hilarious group text with each other.

Know when I will believe that there will actually be an *NSYNC reunion? When Justin Timberlake says that there will be one because that’s clearly who they are waiting for. Lance has been waiting for years for this reunion to happen. No one wants this reunion to happen more than Lance, that’s something I am very sure of.

The only thing that is actually happening is their Christmas album is going to be put on vinyl for it’s 20th anniversary. That’s the only thing that was confirmed.

The band’s official Twitter account and Joey Fatone took to social media to clear up the mess Lance made.

Sorry *NSYNC fans, you can still switch and become a BSB  fan since they are still touring and doing the damn thing.

Again, don’t believe anything until you hear that JT is down for a reunion because until then, there will be nothing.

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Mandy Moore & Shane West Had A ‘Walk To Remember’ Reunion!

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A few weeks ago Shane West and Mandy Moore were basically doing an AMA on Twitter about what it was like filming ‘A Walk To Remember’ together. Mandy went on to say that she wanted to have a reunion with Shane and the director of the movie, Adam Shankman.

Well it looks like last night that reunion happened! Shane clarified that it was after that Super Bowl of course!

Everyone who follows this blog probably knows how much I love anything that is nostalgic, so I am all about this Instagram post.

Shout out to both Mandy and Shane who have aged like fine wine.

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Mario Lopez & Mark-Paul Gosselaar Have A Reunion At Disney!

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Oh Mark-Paul and Mario, the two men haven’t aged much since ‘Saved By The Bell’, that’s something I am sure of. Well, they have aged but line fine wine, just getting better with age.

The two happened to run into each other at Disney and they were sure to document it!

Preppy and Muscles? I don’t know if Muscles was actually Slater’s nickname but it should have been.

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Can't believe we ran into Screech… #DisneyOnIce

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Zach Morris and A.C. Slater, timeless.

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James Lafferty & Chad Michael Murray Have A ‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion!

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Oh the Scott brothers, most women in their early 20’s first crushes. Well not first crushes, but maybe first fictional character obsession? Maybe I am just talking about myself, but I don’t care, you know what I am saying. Personally, I was always way more of a Nathan girl because Lucas was a low key fuck boy, but I can respect either choice.

Over the weekend James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray hung out in Chicago at a ‘One Tree Hill‘ fan convention. The cast seems to get together fairly often for these events but rarely do both Scott brothers go together. I think it has only happened one other time.

Luckily for us, Chad Micheal Murray was able to sneak in a selfie with James Lafferty, and both men seriously are just getting better looking with age, it doesn’t even make sense how attractive they are.

Even though I know it will probably never happen, I will always hope that Netflix decides to bring this show back, just for  a few episodes.

On a more important note though. Which would you rather? James or Chad? I have to go with James all the way.

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Destiny’s Child Get Together For The #MannequinChallenge

I swear to God, if this is why Density’s Child made their Instagram account again, I will flip out. You don’t play me like this. I get that this is some internet sensation but I will not be fucking cool with it!

Now that I got that off of my chest, this video was actually posted on Kelly Rowland’s Instagram so I have a feeling that something big is going to happen. Some kind of reunion and we need it! We need Destiny’s Child to come back into our lives.

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A post shared by Kelly Rowland (@kellyrowland) on

For real though, this challenge creeps me out, I don’t like it one bit.

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Is There A Destiny’s Child Reunion In The Works?

Everyone is freaking out and for good reason. A few days ago an official Destiny’s Child Instagram popped up and well, that can only mean one thing, right? It has to mean that there is a reunion on the way. I won’t take another answer!

People can say that Beyonce was the only one who sang and had talent in the group. That’s fine, keep being ignorant. Truthfully each of these ladies can sing the roof off of anywhere that they are performing. My personal favorite is Kelly but even Michelle who doesn’t get enough credit can sing!

There has been nothing official posted about a reunion or anything like that, but I am praying that this is real life. These independent women were my girls back in the day.

Does this mean a reunion? Let me know!

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Zac Efron & ‘High School Musical’ Cast Have Mini Reunion!

Lucas Grabeel and I saw Corbin Bleu DANCE on AIR ala Fred Astaire last night. He tapped “Firecracker” and lit the stage on 🔥 with his moves! Check out #HolidayInnMusical#amazingshow#theboysareback

Now listen, I never watched ‘High School Musical’ but I know that everyone gets beyond excited about it. I understand the hype so I figured that this would make a lot of people happy. I do aim to please, we all know this.

Zac Efron and Lucas Grabel went to see Corbin Bleu perform on stage last night, and the boys took their time to get a selfie.

This cast seems to hang out quite often. Ashley and Vanessa are still close, Zac also spends time with Ashley here and there. It’s always awesome to see former cast mates hang out!

Corbin is look good, right? What a babe.

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Jonah Hill & Michael Cera Spotted Taking A Stroll In New York City

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No real story here other than I am glad that Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are still friends! That is really a heartwarming story, right?

Obviously these two starred as best friends in ‘Superbad’ and it looks like they are still buddies. Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Fun fact, both of these two are weird crushes of mine. I would date either of them, in case either of you are dating. Mostly Michael, but Jonah? We can date. Hit me up!

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