Watch Zac Efron Answer 73 Questions With Vogue

I love these 73 questions things that Vogue puts together. It makes it seem so natural, but it is actually really scripted. You know, like every reality show out there.

Well, Zac is a little awkward and some what vague during it but hey, I can appreciate it! I appreciate anything that Zac does.

In the interview he revealed that he loves Celine Dion, he rescued a cat, and that he would love to sit down and have dinner with Paul Newman. Weird because I have a cat, I love Celine Dion, and I think that Paul Newman was the ultimate babe. Weird, right? It’s almost like we are meant to be.

Really though, Zac is very private so it’s nice to see him kind of open up in an interview like this!

Check it out below!

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Music Monday: “Sushi” – Hoodie Allen

Well it has been a while since I have done a Music Monday post but there was a reason I didn’t write about Hoodie’s song that was released last week, I needed it for this week!

Hoodie Allen is one of my favorite rappers out there, his lyrics are smart, his songs are catchy, and he is a rap Zac Efron. What more could you ask for?

It has been a little while since Hoodie released new music but clearly fans are here for Hoodie’s new music because it has already charted on Spotify and Itunes.

This song was definitely worth the wait, I am a big fan of it. Catchy, fun lyrics, and Hoodie sounds great on it!

I have decided that this year has to be Hoodie’s year for making it mainstream. It seems like he doesn’t really care if he is on a track with Britney or Camila Cabello or anything, but I genuinely don’t think he needs to feature a well known female singer to get those plays. Hoodie can do it all himself.

So check out “Sushi” below and be ready because on September 29th he will be dropping his new album The Hype.

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Hugh Jackman & Zac Efron’s ‘The Greatest Showman’ Trailer Has Arrived!

Image result for the greatest showman

This movie looks absolutely incredible, that’s really all that I can say about it. I think that it will show us a different side to Zac Efron and his acting ability, something I will always look forward to.

Although I only mentioned Hugh and Zac in that title the movie also stars Michelle Williams and Zendaya.

Watching the trailer is really just seems like a really good upbeat movie, I feel like there isn’t a real big dramatic tease like most movies. I am sure that there are dramatic moments but if this is just a magical movie? I can get behind that!

Also, shout out to Hugh Jackman. He has played so many different roles but I feel like he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I see you Hugh!

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Zac Efron Talks About His Phone Call With Michael Jackson

Can you even imagine what it would feel like for one of your idols to give you a call and say that they are a fan of yours?

I would absolutely lose my mind if it happened.

It seems like Zac Efron had the same kind of reaction when he got a call from The King of Pop himself Michael Jackson during his ‘High School Musical’ days.

Today Zac was on ‘Live With Kelly & Ryan’ promoting his new movie ‘Baywatch’, when he talked about the conversation. Not many men will admit to crying but it seems like Zac had no issue doing so when MJ gave him a call.

Can’t blame him.

During the segment they also asked about a favorite Michael Jackson song, so you all know mine is ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, doesn’t get better than that.

Check out the interview though! It’s pretty adorable.

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Zac Efron To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy In New Movie

Let’s not make it weird about how excited I am for this movie, okay? I love true crime, I listen to a podcast called My Favorite Murder, just deal with it.

As most people know Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in America who prayed on young blonde women, he was called charming and good looking, so obviously Zac has to play him. I am just happy he is taking a step away from those comedies for a hot second.

According to THR, the film will be called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and will take place from the perspective of Bundy’s longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer who eventually turned him in.

This is going to be perfect and I will most definitely be checking this movie out.

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Zac Efron Wears All White To The MTV Movie & TV Awards

I think that we can all agree MTV awards are kind of the worst. Anyone who shows up probably knows that they are going to win. This year MTV is trying to spice it up by making it the movies and television awards.

It won’t spice anything up.

Zac Efron arriving in a bland white outfit spiced it up though!

I never thought I would be attracted to any man that was wearing all white, along with adding ripped jeans to the look, but here I am.

Efron can do no wrong.

Let’s appreciate it.

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The International “Baywatch” Trailer Shows Even More Action!

Image result for dwayne johnson and zac efron

Let me be clear, whether I think the movie looks good or not, one thing is for sure, I have to watch it. There is really no choice for me but to go out and see this movie. A movie that is full of Zac Efron  and Dwayne Johnson being shirtless? It would be rude of me not to go.

Honestly some of the effects in this movie look fucking awful but whatever. I like that it will have comedy and personally I think that Zac is great with comedy. Maybe people don’t agree but those people are wrong. He has great comedic timing.

Check out the trailer for yourself, I don’t totally hate what I see.

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The Top 10 Celebrity Breakups Of 2016

Image result for demi and wilmer breakup

There were a lot of breakups in 2016 and I am pretty sure that some of them were surprising!

So I decided to rank the top 10 breakups and then rank them on how surprising they were.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

10. Casper Smart Reportedly Cheats On Jennifer Lopez

9. Zac Efron Is Single Again!

8. Calvin Will Soon Be In A Taylor Swift Song 

7. Swaggy P Cheats And Iggy Takes Off Her Ring 

6. Hiddleswift  Have Hiddlesplit 

5. Young Love Is Over, Chloe And Brooklyn End It 

4. Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Have A Messy Split

3. Demi Lovato Is Now Flying Free From Fez 

2. Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Are Just Another Bad Romance 

1. Brangelina Are No Longer Mr & Mrs 

What was your favorite or least favorite breakup?

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Zac Efron Is The New Face Of Hugo Boss

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Last night on Facebook, Zac Efron announced that he was teaming up with Hugo Boss and he would be the new face of men’s aftershave.

Do you know what this means?

Now there will be billboards of Zac’s beautiful face on it, followed by commercials. That’s right, starting at some point in the New Year we will get some Zac Efron on the small screen. He will probably be shirtless and rolling around with a model or something but hey, that’s fine.

The previous face of the company was Theo James.

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The First Trailer For ‘Baywatch’ Is Everything It Should Be

Now what do you think of when you know that a movie starring Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson is coming out? Shirtless scenes, actions, and some comedy. Well that is exactly what this trailer showed.

Let’s be real, whether or not the movie looks good isn’t the question. I am still going to see it. A movie where two of the hottest guys in Hollywood are shirtless for most of it? Sign me up! Plus they seem to have a really strong female cast, another thing I can get behind. More Priyanka Chopra please.

I am surprised that Efron has steered in a more comedic direction, but I don’t hate it. He has pretty awesome comedic timing.

Also, the release date is May 19, 2017.

Are you excited for this movie?

Can’t lie, though the effects look pretty stupid.

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