Zac Efron Surprises Simone Biles In Rio!

Simone Biles Twitter

Screw the gold medals, screw the praise, Simone Biles got a kiss from Zac Efron. That is really all that matters. I would sell my soul for a kiss from Zac Efron ,not even being dramatic when I said that.

It was reported that the Today show had fronted Zac’s ticket to get him to Rio but hey, it definitely was worth it! Simone has had a very outspoken crush on Efron and he cheered for the Final Five on Twitter, so there was some social media flirtation. No word on if Efron slid into her DMs or not.

Simone, get it girl. Efron, get it boy.

Really though, they are both over 18 and both American treasures.

Let’s be real on this. They hooked up right? I mean they probably hooked up and I can’t blame either one of them.

So what would you rather? Five medals or a kiss from Efron?

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