Simone Biles Stars In Jake Miller’s “Overnight” Video!

Jake Miller is a seriously hot up and coming artist. He has a great following and after this song I really thing that he will have way more commercial success. This song is absolutely incredible and his music in general is great.

Simone Biles is the luckiest person in the world, right? She is an American hero, hung out with Zac Efron and now she is a video vixen. Get it girl.

So yeah, get familiar with Jake Miller because he is about to blow up!

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The Final Five Look Beautiful On The 2016 MTV VMAs White Carpet

final five gymnasts 2016 mtv vmas 03
photo credit

The Final Five showed up to the VMA awards and absolutely slayed their look! Gabby Douglas is reportedly dealing with an unknown injury/illness, so she wasn’t able to make it. Aly, Madison, Laurie, and Simone all look absolutely gorgeous though.

We can all agree these girls have had the best summer, right? Just winning gold medals, meeting Zac Efron, and looking absolutely incredible while they do it.

Keep on slaying ladies.

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Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, & Madison Kocian Show Off Their Insane Abs

photo credit

So real talk, how does someone get abs like these? Let me guess. Hard work, dedication, and self control? I like to think that I am a hard worker and have dedication but I have zero self control, so instead I will just look at these abs and say one thing, goals.

I am telling you, these Final Five girls are having the best Olympics of all time and now they are just showing us what happens to your body when you are dedicated to a sport.

Get it girls!

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Zac Efron Surprises Simone Biles In Rio!

Simone Biles Twitter

Screw the gold medals, screw the praise, Simone Biles got a kiss from Zac Efron. That is really all that matters. I would sell my soul for a kiss from Zac Efron ,not even being dramatic when I said that.

It was reported that the Today show had fronted Zac’s ticket to get him to Rio but hey, it definitely was worth it! Simone has had a very outspoken crush on Efron and he cheered for the Final Five on Twitter, so there was some social media flirtation. No word on if Efron slid into her DMs or not.

Simone, get it girl. Efron, get it boy.

Really though, they are both over 18 and both American treasures.

Let’s be real on this. They hooked up right? I mean they probably hooked up and I can’t blame either one of them.

So what would you rather? Five medals or a kiss from Efron?

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Zac Efron Cheers On The Final Five!

I think that you all know why I am posting this, right? Because Zac Efron is absolute perfection and so are the girls from the Final Five. all six people in this photo are national treasures so it had to be shared.

Maybe at 25, I should try and find something I am good at in the Olympics so Zac Efron will tweet a picture of himself holding a heart in front of me, that would be pretty awesome.

For the record a bunch of celebrities tweeted out their support to the team, it’s just, well Zac so I had to share.

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Women Crush Wednesday: The Final Five

US women's gymnastics team wins gold in Rio

Now I haven’t done a woman, or in this case Women Crush Wednesday in a very long time, but I think that it is time. This is an important because the American women’s gymnastics team is incredible. That’s be real, these young women are incredible role models.

The final five, which they named themselves since they will be the final team that historic Olympic coach Marta Karolyi will coach, and after this year there will be only four gymnasts to each team.

The team is comprised of Aly Raismen, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocain, and Laurie Hernandez, all ranging in age from 22 to 16.

All of these women come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and it is incredible to see them all work together as a team. Yes, they have only individual events but watching these girls sitting on the sidelines cheering their team on has been beautiful none the less.

These five young women have truly inspired a country by winning gold in the Olympics.

Congrats and thank you for bringing home the gold!

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