Aly Raisman Gets Asked Out By Raiders Player Colton Underwood

Hey Aly, can I offer you one tip of advice? Do it. Go on this date because the heat from the Olympics only lasts for so long. Don’t get me wrong Aly, you’re a babe and all but right now is probably the most on the radar you will ever be. Unless you choose to do ‘Dancing With The Stars’ or something like that.

Colton is a cutie for sure and this video was awkward, and almost unbearable to watch, but he still did it. Aly acting all coy saying that she knows all about him. Yeah, I see you Aly.


The two took their little flirtation to Twitter, as you do now.

I hope they at least take a selfie because they are both adorable.

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Ralph Lauren & Speedo End Sponsorship With Ryan Lochte

Speedo ended its sponsorship of US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte after he "over-exaggerated" a story about being robbed in Rio. Ralph Lauren also announced Monday that it will not renew the swimmer's endorsement contract.
Reed Saxon / AP

Well the hits are going to keep coming for Ryan Lochte, as they should. Call me whatever you want but this grown man, a 32 year old grown man, who many are still calling a kid, lied. That is as simple as I can put it. He lied about having a gun put to his head, he made Rio look worse than it looked before and he continued to lie until there was surveillance video released. Then after that, he lied some more.

I don’t have pity for Ryan because he decided to try and sound like some kind of hero In his mind he didn’t do a damn thing wrong, and he still doesn’t think that he did anything wrong. He said that he simply embellished the story.

Listen you old man, okay not that old, but listen here man. If you just told the truth. If you said, yes I lied, I was drunk and stupid, things might have gone a bit better.

Here is what Speedo had to say about dropping Ryan from their team.

Speedo USA today announces the decision to end its sponsorship of Ryan Lochte. As part of this decision, Speedo USA will donate a $50,000 portion of Lochte’s fee to Save The Children, a global charity partner of Speedo USA’s parent company, for children in Brazil.

While we have enjoyed a winning relationship with Ryan for over a decade and he has been an important member of the Speedo team, we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for.

We appreciate his many achievements and hope he moves forward and learns from this experience. (credit)

I am just angry because of the fact he still won’t admit to any wrong doing. He is literally acting like the Justin Bieber of swimming right. Even in his interview with Matt Lauer he took full responsibility for his actions, but wouldn’t admit to lying about the story, it makes no sense.

Step up, be a man. That’s what I have to say about that. Can you imagine if this was an athlete from a different country, or of a different race? Poor Gabby Douglas was ridiculed on social media, she didn’t even really do anything.

Come on media, get your shit together. Call this asshole out.

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Man Crush Monday: Usain Bolt

As the Olympics finally come to a close I think it is only right to make my favorite male Olympian the honorary Man Crush Monday this week. Usain Bolt is superhuman, I think that we can all agree with that. His lightening speed is something that literally makes your jaw drop, it isn’t like anything I have ever seen before, and I am pretty sure that no one else has ever seen it either.

Let’s be real, he is also a certified hottie. Yeah, he can break records and all of that stuff, but he is also extremely attractive and not just in his looks. The way that he carries himself is attractive, literally everything about him is. He is fun, he helps charities, oh and he has a bunch of gold medals.

Thank you for coming around every four years and leaving us astonished Usain. Until the next Olympics!

Happy Monday!

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Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, & Madison Kocian Show Off Their Insane Abs

photo credit

So real talk, how does someone get abs like these? Let me guess. Hard work, dedication, and self control? I like to think that I am a hard worker and have dedication but I have zero self control, so instead I will just look at these abs and say one thing, goals.

I am telling you, these Final Five girls are having the best Olympics of all time and now they are just showing us what happens to your body when you are dedicated to a sport.

Get it girls!

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Zac Efron Hangs Out With The “Zac Efron” Of The Olympics Michael Hixon

This is Michael Hixon, an olympic diver on team USA.
Marcos Brindicci / Reuters

We all know that Zac Efron flew down to Rio to hang out with Simone Biles and the other members of the Final Five. He decided to hang out for a while though and ended up catching up with diving star Michael Hixon.

Now Michael Hixon has been called the Zac Efron of the Olympics, and well, yeah he is a total babe. I could see why they would say that.

Twitter has been all a buzz about how much they look alike pointed out by many different users.

The two have met though, and it was incredible.


I feel like Zac Efron has had the best time at the Olympics, does anyone else agree with that? He gets to hang out with everyone but doesn’t have to do any competitions. His trip was most likely paid for by the “Today’s Show”, can’t go wrong with that!

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Ryan Lochte Apologizes For Rio Incident

To be totally honest, I am surprised that people even believed Ryan Lochte’s story to begin with but hey, he does have those dreamy blue eyes, so I kind of get it.

Today the swimmer took to Instagram to apologize for embellishing the truth and he goes into how scary it is to be out late at night with a language barrier. It is an apology, but only kind of an apology. A part of me is wondering whether or not they will take his medals away. Can you imagine? They have asked Olympians before to give back their medals, I am curious to see what else happens.

Here is what Ryan had to say.

It is interesting to see how things will be handled. Gabby Douglas basically got stoned for literally everything she did, not putting her hand on her heart, not being enthusiastic enough for her teammates.

Considering he is a man though, I am going to assume that this will be a “boys, will be boys” situation. Just remember that this “boy” is 32 years old.

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Wait, People Think Ryan Lochte Is Telling The Truth?

Know when I knew that Ryan Lochte was lying? The second this story came out. Let’s be real here, Ryan started off by telling his mother about the incident, which lead to his mother tweeting about it, which lead to pure chaos in Brazil.

When Ryan was then asked about the issue he said that when a gun was put to his head, he simply replied “Whatever’, and gave his money to the alleged thieves, who were also allegedly dressed as police officers. I mean really? I understand Ryan Lochte has probably inhaled an insane amount of chlorine but saying “Whatever” with a gun against your head? Yeah, something doesn’t sit right with me there.

Ryan’s teammates that were with him all backed up his story, yup, they were all robbed but they all had different angles of the story. Some said there were three people, others said there was only one person, it was kind of all over the place.

So Rio police did some digging and apparently the group of guys were caught on camera in a fight at a gas station. So, I mean there are a lot of holes in this story.

Ryan went on television and said that he was standing by his story, but at this point, does anyone believe him? I read somewhere that people were saying that Ryan is a kid, and got caught up in a story. Ryan is 32 fucking years old, he is a grown ass man.

Personally, I think he should be held responsible for lying and causing a bit of panic for other Olympians and for Rio. I understand that apparently the government and police at corrupt in Rio (according to reports), but they really seemed to put effort and time into figuring out what exactly went down.

I guess the question is, what happens next? Obviously it is Rio vs America, Ryan Lochte is an overrated Olympian who once had a reality show, wore grills, and trademarked the term JEAH, so there’s that. Everyone is saying that this is a national embarrassment, let’s be real the fact all of those things I previously listed even happened is a national embarrassment.

It will be extremely interesting to see how all of this unfolds.

If it does turn out to be a lie (which it looks like it is unfolding to be a big lie), he should have to pay the consequences, whatever those consequences may be.


It is being reported everywhere that Ryan Lochte made up the story to cover up some sort of vandalism that went down at a gas station. Apparently someone kicked the door knob off of a door, the security guard made them pay, Ryan’s teammates are throwing him right under the bus. Let’s hope there is some kind of consequence for making up such a story.

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Zac Efron Surprises Simone Biles In Rio!

Simone Biles Twitter

Screw the gold medals, screw the praise, Simone Biles got a kiss from Zac Efron. That is really all that matters. I would sell my soul for a kiss from Zac Efron ,not even being dramatic when I said that.

It was reported that the Today show had fronted Zac’s ticket to get him to Rio but hey, it definitely was worth it! Simone has had a very outspoken crush on Efron and he cheered for the Final Five on Twitter, so there was some social media flirtation. No word on if Efron slid into her DMs or not.

Simone, get it girl. Efron, get it boy.

Really though, they are both over 18 and both American treasures.

Let’s be real on this. They hooked up right? I mean they probably hooked up and I can’t blame either one of them.

So what would you rather? Five medals or a kiss from Efron?

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Zac Efron Cheers On The Final Five!

I think that you all know why I am posting this, right? Because Zac Efron is absolute perfection and so are the girls from the Final Five. all six people in this photo are national treasures so it had to be shared.

Maybe at 25, I should try and find something I am good at in the Olympics so Zac Efron will tweet a picture of himself holding a heart in front of me, that would be pretty awesome.

For the record a bunch of celebrities tweeted out their support to the team, it’s just, well Zac so I had to share.

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Women Crush Wednesday: The Final Five

US women's gymnastics team wins gold in Rio

Now I haven’t done a woman, or in this case Women Crush Wednesday in a very long time, but I think that it is time. This is an important because the American women’s gymnastics team is incredible. That’s be real, these young women are incredible role models.

The final five, which they named themselves since they will be the final team that historic Olympic coach Marta Karolyi will coach, and after this year there will be only four gymnasts to each team.

The team is comprised of Aly Raismen, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocain, and Laurie Hernandez, all ranging in age from 22 to 16.

All of these women come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and it is incredible to see them all work together as a team. Yes, they have only individual events but watching these girls sitting on the sidelines cheering their team on has been beautiful none the less.

These five young women have truly inspired a country by winning gold in the Olympics.

Congrats and thank you for bringing home the gold!

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