Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Are Officially Dating

Silver-screen stunner: And it's little wonder that the apparently smitten Joe couldn't bare to take his eyes off Sophie, as the X-Men: Apocalypse looked nothing less than stunning

Well it looks like after a few months of toying with out emotions, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are officially and exclusively dating. The couple has reportedly been hooking up for a while now but Joe wasn’t ready to settle down, until now.

According to People magazine, Joe is now finally ready to be with Sophie.

Whoever the source is that People magazine used sounds like a real asshole. They went on to talk about how Sophie has liked Joe for a long time but he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Making it sound like this tall beautiful blonde was sitting there pining for Joe Jonas, that only happened once and it was Taylor Swift.

No one is pining for Joe Jonas any more, if you are, check yourself.

I am going to say this couple will break up by April, if not sooner.

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