Mark-Paul Gosselaar Looks Hot While Rocking A Giant Beard For ‘Pitch’

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Beards are so hot right now but let’s be clear, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has always been hot. He won over hearts in the 90’s as Zac Morris of course, but right now he is starring in a new show called ‘Pitch’ on Fox. Mark-Paul wanted to shed his Zac Morris image though, so he got jacked and grew out his beard.

Let me just say one thing, I am really into this. I am not saying that he is hotter now than he was when he was Zac Morris, he just looks like a whole different person. So if he doesn’t even look like his ‘Saved by the Bell’ character then well, I can say I am extremely attracted to both, right?

So check out these super hot pictures of Mark-Paul in ‘Pitch’ which is actually a really incredible show. It is about the first female MLB pitcher, pretty badass if you ask me.

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Pitch, Mark-Paul Gosselaar

To be totally real, I had no idea this was Mark-Paul and my jaw hit the damn floor when I realized it was after the pilot episode. My lawd he pulls off that beard in the best way.

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