Mario Lopez & Mark-Paul Gosselaar Have A Reunion At Disney!

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Oh Mark-Paul and Mario, the two men haven’t aged much since ‘Saved By The Bell’, that’s something I am sure of. Well, they have aged but line fine wine, just getting better with age.

The two happened to run into each other at Disney and they were sure to document it!

Preppy and Muscles? I don’t know if Muscles was actually Slater’s nickname but it should have been.

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Can't believe we ran into Screech… #DisneyOnIce

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Zach Morris and A.C. Slater, timeless.

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Looks Hot While Rocking A Giant Beard For ‘Pitch’

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Beards are so hot right now but let’s be clear, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has always been hot. He won over hearts in the 90’s as Zac Morris of course, but right now he is starring in a new show called ‘Pitch’ on Fox. Mark-Paul wanted to shed his Zac Morris image though, so he got jacked and grew out his beard.

Let me just say one thing, I am really into this. I am not saying that he is hotter now than he was when he was Zac Morris, he just looks like a whole different person. So if he doesn’t even look like his ‘Saved by the Bell’ character then well, I can say I am extremely attracted to both, right?

So check out these super hot pictures of Mark-Paul in ‘Pitch’ which is actually a really incredible show. It is about the first female MLB pitcher, pretty badass if you ask me.

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Pitch, Mark-Paul Gosselaar

To be totally real, I had no idea this was Mark-Paul and my jaw hit the damn floor when I realized it was after the pilot episode. My lawd he pulls off that beard in the best way.

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