Eminem Is Nearly Unrecognizable With His Beard!

Know what makes me a little bit uncomfortable? Eminem having a heard.

There is just something so weird about it, I just can’t explain it. It’s probably because we always saw him with bleach blonde hair and clean shaven. To be honest I had a hard time accepting his dark hair.

Hopefully this means that he was working so hard on a new album that he couldn’t even be bothered to shave because his raps are so dope.

I am also positive that if Eminem walked by me with a beard, I would have zero clue that it was him.

Usually I am all about beards but I am going to be honest, Em you need to go back to being clean shaven!

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Looks Hot While Rocking A Giant Beard For ‘Pitch’

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Beards are so hot right now but let’s be clear, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has always been hot. He won over hearts in the 90’s as Zac Morris of course, but right now he is starring in a new show called ‘Pitch’ on Fox. Mark-Paul wanted to shed his Zac Morris image though, so he got jacked and grew out his beard.

Let me just say one thing, I am really into this. I am not saying that he is hotter now than he was when he was Zac Morris, he just looks like a whole different person. So if he doesn’t even look like his ‘Saved by the Bell’ character then well, I can say I am extremely attracted to both, right?

So check out these super hot pictures of Mark-Paul in ‘Pitch’ which is actually a really incredible show. It is about the first female MLB pitcher, pretty badass if you ask me.

Image result for mark paul gosselaar pitch

Pitch, Mark-Paul Gosselaar

To be totally real, I had no idea this was Mark-Paul and my jaw hit the damn floor when I realized it was after the pilot episode. My lawd he pulls off that beard in the best way.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Is Looking Extra Homeless With A Grizzly Beard

Image(photo courtesy of JustJared.com)

I feel like I am constantly going back and forth a bout how I feel when it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal. There is a part of me that knows he is a really good actor but he also broke my girl T.Swifts heart. Then I think oh he is kind of cute, then pictures like this come out and I think, holy shit.

I understand that Jake likes to call himself a method actor and all of that but come on, this look isn’t good for anyone. This picture was taken in Rome too, isn’t it hot there?! Well he looks like he is sweating so it probably is.

I love bears as much as the next girl that loves beards but this is terrifying. I don’t know if it would look better pixalated but I would highly doubt it.

Jake you look a mess. Gain some weight, cut your beard, and your hair and guess what, you will look good! You make it so hard for me to admit I find you attractive when I see things like this.

I wish I could quit you.