Britney Spears Slays During Carpool Karaoke

Image result for britney carpool karaoke

This is the first time ever I wished that I could reach through the screen and put my hand over James Corden’s mouth. Let the woman sing! People don’t think that Britney can sing anymore and she ended up well, singing! I understand its also your time to show off your vocal abilities but they haven’t been dragged through the mud like Brit has been!

All that matters is that Britney slayed the damn thing she reminded people that she does have a fun personality, and that she can sing.

Maybe, she is usually shy because she always gets shit from the media and has since she was 17, have you ever thought of that? No? Well you should read my article about leaving Britney alone.

Britney is back, she is seriously one of the hottest things on the planet again and life is good.

God bless Godney!


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