Man Crush Monday: Tyler Hoechlin

All I can say is that it is about damn time that Tyler got the love the he deserves. I have had a massive crush on him since he played Martin on ‘7th Heaven’ and my crush has never stopped. Those piercing blue eyes and dark features? How can you not just stop, stare, and appreciate the man.

He was kind of out of the spotlight for a bit, played college baseball. until he was able to get a role in the ‘Teen Wolf’ remake on MTV. He played a badass lone wolf or something. I only watched the first season but he was shirtless a lot and I couldn’t complain about that.

If you weren’t aware he was just announced as the newest Superman too, something that obviously means you’re hot. There has never been an ugly Superman, think about it. Only good looking men with dark hair and light eyes are allowed to play Clark Kent. In my opinion Tom Welling may have been the hottest of them all but hey, we aren’t talking about Tom Welling, so I need to focus a little bit better. He has also recently been cast in the new Fifth Shades movie, so he will be on big screens everywhere soon enough.

Happy Monday and to Tyler, I am glad you are finally getting the love you deserve!

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