Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Are Totally Dunzo

For 15 months this fake ass couple strutted around and acted like they were in love. From posting on Instagram to obviously fake dates, they had a lot of people in the world fooled. Not me though. Listen I love my girl Taylor Swift but she is no fool, Calvin isn’t good for her brand. Yes, it kept her busy for 15 months, keeping up appearances with him but he is absolutely nuts. They were probably ready to announce the break up earlier but Calvin got into that car accident and she couldn’t look bad breaking up with him while he was in pain. I see you girl, I respect it.

Really though, this relationship was as fake as Lucy Hale and Joel Crouse.

People can say that they were really in love because of the public displays of affection but nah, I don’t agree. Her terribly awkward speech at the Iheart Music Awards where she called him Adam, reminding people that they were close enough that she didn’t even call him Calvin. He didn’t even look remotely interested in what was going on until he realized the camera was on him.

According to sources there is no drama with this break up, and I am assuming because they were both just tired of putting up a front.

Now before anyone tries to tell me that these two were actually in love, let’s take a step back. No celebrity, and I mean absolutely none, go from never talking about their dating life to parading it around. Not only did Taylor and Calvin talk about it, their friends also talked about it, to remind us that they were in fact a couple. I see you sneaky people.

Taylor needed a long lasting relationship so people would stop saying she couldn’t hold down a man, Calvin stepped up because he looked like a piece of shit for what he did to Rita Ora. That simple.

Hopefully this means new music though because Taylor needs to go back to writing that heart wrenching music, not that pop 1989 stuff.

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