New Couple Alert? Lucy Hale & Joel Crouse Spotted At Lakers Game


I think that Lucy Hale’s team should do a little bit better than this clearly fake ass coupling. There is no way that these two are actually interested in each other. No possible way. I mean this is so staged it isn’t even funny. They are sitting front row at a fucking basketball game, that is one of the first hints. The biggest thing is easily the fact that Lucy is trying to make it in the country music market and Joel Crouse has a spot there.

This is easily just one of the biggest set ups I have ever seen in my life. She has tweeted about his music from time to time but now they are acting all lovey dovey at a basketball game. I see you! I see this publicity stunt!

Try a little bit harder Lucy, you can do better than that.


Oops they think that the cameras are elsewhere and look at how boring they are. Lucy Hale pouting those pouty lips all over the place. Joel not even looking at her.

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