Drake & Serena Williams Spotted Making Out In Ohio

(all photos courtesy of TMZ.com)

First let me start this off by saying something rather off topic. I was very surprised to hear about this couple because Drake is only 28 and for some reason I was sure that Serena Williams was about 37. She has been around since I can remember so of course I assumed that she was a lot older than Drake. Come to find out she is only 33, so now too much other than the rapper.

Alright, glad I got that off my chest. Over the weekend Drake and Serena were spotted making out at a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio after she won the WTA tournament. Now I don’t know much about tennis but I am pretty sure Serena dominated it because she is the best female tennis player to ever live. That’s what I hear at least.

Looks like this couple is heating up though, straight up all over each other. I kind of want to tweet them and just remind them that they were at restaurant. Swapping spit and sharing a meal, gross. Take it outside! The food and the PDA of course, just order take out if you are going to be doing that.

I didn’t see this couple coming but apparently people have been speculating them being a couple for months now? This was the first that I have heard about it but good for the both of them!

Drake, I hope you know that you like women who are stronger than you. I mean Rihanna and now Serena, good to know you don’t mind dating a strong woman.

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