CeeLo Green Leaves ‘The Voice’ For Good!


Hearing that CeeLo Green was leaving ‘The Voice’ was easily one of the best parts of my day for many reasons. The first reason is that this day has been extremely boring in celebrity gossip, even though this news happened last night. The second reason is that CeeLo creeps me out. With his big head and tiny little baby hands, he really freaks me out.

I think that ‘The Voice’ realized that the guy they needed on their panel for the rest of their time on air would be Usher. I mean if you put Usher and CeeLo up next to each other, Usher will win every single time. No one wants to be chosen by CeeLo, that is basically a death sentence because CeeLo scares people so no one wants to vote for his teammates.

It probably didn’t help that CeeLo was accused of date raping a girl this past October either. He plead not guilty to the charges but the case is still pending. Even though the producers of ‘The Voice’ said it didn’t interfere, it had to of.

Anyway, I am extremely happy to hear this news! Usher for the rest of eternity of ‘The Voice’ be gone CeeLo!

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