Cassadee Pope & Rian Dawson Have Ended Their Engagement

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Cassadee Pope who won ‘The Voice’  a few seasons back and her fiance Rian Dawson have called their engagement off.

The two of them had been dating for an extremely long time, I feel like it was over seven years, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, the couple confirmed today that they are no longer together but remain friends, as always. Never forget that celebrities are always friends after a break up.

So there’s that!

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Kelly Clarkson Joins Season 14 Of ‘The Voice’!

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If I was going to pick a team to be on for ‘The Voice‘ it would absolutely be Kelly Clarkson‘s team. There is zero question about that.

One thing that I hate is that I feel like Kelly is still underrated in most people’s eyes. She has had so many hits, she has taken breaks and been able to come back stronger than ever. Hell she even had her body image absolutely ripped apart but she still stood strong.

There were a lot of rumors that Kelly would actually be joining the ‘American Idol‘ reboot but it looks like she chose ‘The Voice’!

Team Kelly all the way.

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Adam Levine Performs Emotional Tribute To Honor Christina Grimmie

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Well, I definitely didn’t expect to start my Wednesday off by ugly crying but here I am.

Last summer the world lost a rising star, Christina Grimmie. She was shot by a crazed man who called himself a fan, and she was shot right outside of her venue. When all of this happened, I remember worrying that footage would be released because people had to be snapping photos and taking videos of the singer but luckily, none were.

If you can remember Christina Grimmie was on Adam Levine‘s team when she was on ‘The Voice’ and the two seemed to have a great relationship. Even after she passed away, Adam paid for all of her funeral costs to try and take some burden off of the family.

Last night Adam paid tribute to the late singer in front of her family.

Grab your tissues, you’re going to need them.

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Music Monday : “Bones” – Matt McAndrew

If the name Matt McAndrew sounds familiar it’s because he should have won ‘The Voice’. I am pretty sure that was the last season I watched but in my opinion, Matt had that thing. You know what I am saying, he had such a coolness and such an emotional connection to music. Big fan since that moment on.

Now, we all know that he has a beautiful song “Wasted Love” which was his final song on ‘The Voice’. Well I just rediscovered his music and I love it. He has such a Dashboard Confessional, All Time Low vibe and I love every single second of it.

In a way it’s almost nostalgic and we all know how hot nostalgia is right now.

Matt has continued to record new music and I don’t know how he hasn’t blown up yet. Again his voice is something that the radio needs right now!

You can check out his music on his ReverbNation account and follow updates from his Twitter and website.

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Watch Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton & Pentatonix Team Up For “Jolene”

I feel like sometimes people forget that Miley Cyrus can actually sing because of how crazy she is. Miley has toned it down a lot over the past few years, so many now we can talk about how talented she is? Her voice is insane.

Okay, I am glad that I got all of that out. Miley teamed up with her god-mother Dolly and the vocal group Pentatonix to sing one of Dolly’s most popular songs.

Good for Miley getting up on stage and reminding everyone why she is actually qqualified to be a judge on ‘The Voice’.

Check out the cover below!


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Adam Levine Offers To Pay For Christina Grimmie’s Funeral Costs

It has just been reported that Adam Levine will be paying for Christina Grimmie‘s funeral costs. If you weren’t away Adam was Christina’s coach when she appeared on season 6 of ‘The Voice’ and she came in third place.

Christina’s brother Marcus, who was hailed a hero in the shooting which left his sister and the shooter dead, posted this on Facebook.

I first heard from my sisters manager, Brian Teefey, that he will be making a gofundme to help our family move out of our current house and to take care of the funeral, and I figured why not, and I’m not about sharing that kind of stuff and I’m not a fan of handouts at all.

I found out this morning, that Adam Levine personally called my mother and said he will pay for the funeral and her plane flight, and I was blown away. Now a friend just told me to look at the gofundme page and I see it is at 100k. Words cannot express…literally I have no words.

I promise both my parents and I will read every one of these personalized messages. I’m so blown away by everything right now. But all I can say is thank you. And Christina will be missed and never ever forgotten.

Love you Christina

Please do not feel the need to donate anything at all. Please. Just leave a kind word, message or picture in the comments or message me and sign this petition to help Christina possible be remembered in the next legend of Zelda game, her favorite game of all time. (credit)

There are many people out there talking about how money wont bring Christina back and they are correct. Her friends and family will hold onto this pain forever, money wont bring her back. This money will help pay for them to find somewhere new to live, her mother has cancer so it will help pay for treatment, and hopefully they can find a good use for it to keep Christina’s memory alive, that is all that we can hope.

Adam Levine, this is a very incredible move.

Christina Grimmie Dies After Being Shot At Concert

Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at her concert on Friday night in Orlando. There are no words that I can put in this blog that will be able to explain the sadness that I, probably along with many others feel. Christina was first discovered on YouTube, then was able to get her chance to really shine on ‘The Voice’ where she placed third.

Right now I don’t want to get political but this is potentially a gun control issue. Another person with a mental disorder having a gun. No word on whether it was legal or not.

Christina was reportedly at her merch table, signing autographs, meeting with fans when someone went up to her, shot her, before he could harm any more people Christina’s brother jumped into action and tackled the man who ended up taking his own life.

Christina was only 22 years old. Think about that, 22 years old with the whole world at her fingertips. Her music career, her love for life, everything was taken away over someone deciding that this was the right thing to do.

Concerts are supposed to be a place for people to come together and enjoy the music being played. It doesn’t matter your race, age, sex, weight, nothing matters when you are at a concert. You’re there to enjoy the music and that is that. Music is supposed to bring people together and that is why I think it is important to play Christina’s music. Do not let her talent fade away due to a psychopath taking away her life.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Christina’s family, friends, and fans. From everything that I have seen from her tweets to her Facebook and everywhere in between she was someone who truly enjoyed life.

God bless.

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Christina Aguilera Debuts New Hair Color

Hot damn Christina! This may be hotter than her X-Tina days! Actually, my favorite look was the short jet black hair, but this is a close second! Christina is coming in hot!

For the past however many years Christina has stuck with the platinum blonde hair color that made her famous. However, I think that this is a really great change for her.

She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit with this hair color, kind of reminds me of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow too. I mean either one is a good thing and a great compliment.

God bless this look!

New music, new hair, hopefully her new music will come out soon too. Word on the street is that it should be out by the end of 2016, but nothing is confirmed just yet!

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The War Between P!NK & Christina Aguilera Is Finally Over!

As many people remember P!nk and X-Tina had a very highly publicized feud in the earl 2000’s. After Lady Marmalade came out P!nk had a few choice words about X-Tina in her ‘Behind The Music’ documentary on VH1.

It seems as though 15 years later though, they have been able to move past their little fight that they had. During an interview recently she was asked who she had the most fun working with on ‘The Voice’ and she said this.

Honestly, I’m gonna say Christina! Because her and I have history and it hasn’t always been wonderful, but finally I think it just took us 15 years, and I feel like there was true love. And it felt really good. I love when you’re around long enough to have a full circle moment and that was a full circle moment for me because, In all honesty I’m a fan of hers and it was just a really refreshing, nice visit.

In case you forgot, here is the interview where P!nk has a few things to say about Christina.

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Alicia Keys Releases New Single ‘In Common’

Alicia Keys In Common

Dear world, Alicia Keys is back and nothing else matters. I had a feeling since she will be a new judge on ‘The Voice’ that she was coming out with new music and it’s here, finally! If you can believe it, it has been a long four years since Keys released ‘Girl On Fire’ so it has been a while.

This song gives me some major summer vibes. Of course I want her powerful, soulful songs but there is nothing wrong with a fun song every once in a while. This song reminds me of Drake’s ‘Take Care’ which is a song that will never get old to me.

I personally like it, I think that her new album will be amazing because Alicia Keys is perfection.

Tell me what you think!

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