Music Monday : “Bones” – Matt McAndrew

If the name Matt McAndrew sounds familiar it’s because he should have won ‘The Voice’. I am pretty sure that was the last season I watched but in my opinion, Matt had that thing. You know what I am saying, he had such a coolness and such an emotional connection to music. Big fan since that moment on.

Now, we all know that he has a beautiful song “Wasted Love” which was his final song on ‘The Voice’. Well I just rediscovered his music and I love it. He has such a Dashboard Confessional, All Time Low vibe and I love every single second of it.

In a way it’s almost nostalgic and we all know how hot nostalgia is right now.

Matt has continued to record new music and I don’t know how he hasn’t blown up yet. Again his voice is something that the radio needs right now!

You can check out his music on his ReverbNation account and follow updates from his Twitter and website.

Visit: Celebrities Are Tragic || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram 

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