Demi Lovato Replaces Selena Gomez And Is Now A Global Citizen Festival Headliner

As many of you know, or maybe you don’t know, Selena Gomez is taking some time off to focus on her health. She has been battling Lupus and it has worn her down, so she is taking a full year off to focus on her health. Good for her, I hope that Selena focuses on that and gets well soon!

On to the other news though! Demi is officially taking over for Selena and is going to be headlining the Global Citizen Festival. This is huge. I know I have said this a million times, but I stand by it. Demi isn’t be managed correctly. She isn’t getting enough playtime on the radio and she isn’t recording the right music. When she does record the right music, her management doesn’t promote it correctly! If you don’t believe me, why isn’t “Body Say” getting any air time?

This though? This is huge.

I really hope Selena feels better but I am also super pumped for Demi. You know what I am saying?

Demi’s voice is out of this world and hopefully this will only help build that credibility.

Get it girl!

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