Nina Dobrev Will Return For ‘Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale

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I think it has been kind of known that even though Nina Dobrev left ‘Vampire Diaries’ when it ended she would come back. Of course no one would confirm or deny it, but I like to believe that we all know she would be back. There was no way that they could finish a series without the character who the series basically followed. ‘One Tree Hill’ did it without Lucas and Peyton and clearly that shit sucked. So Julie Plec, the creator of ‘Vampire Diaries’ wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.

Today Nina took to Instagram to confirm what everyone thought would happen. She confirmed that she would in fact be coming back for the final episode. That is a good move in my book, I love when actors remember where they came from.

What will happen to make Elena come back? The possibilities are endless. No seriously, they are endless. This show has managed to make everything happen but at least there is magic to back it up.

Although I have missed the last two seasons I will definitely be tuning in for the final episode to check out what happens. It will air on The CW on Friday, March 10th!

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