Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin Are Back Together

We can all now take a breath of relief knowing that Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin are back together.

These two love birds broke up for a few months after being together for four years, but it looks like they are back together.

Over the past two or so months they have been spotted in California together, London, and now New York.

This CW made love is still going strong!

Really though, they look ridiculously good next to each other.

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A Full Recap Of The ‘Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale

Everyone has shows that are total guilty pleasures right? Shows that you’re probably too old to be watching but you just can’t get enough of them. Well, ‘Vampire Diaries’ was absolutely one of those shows for me. I would say it is in my top three guilty pleasure shows that I didn’t want people knowing I watch. The other two are ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Teen Mom’ in case you were curious.

Last night we said goodbye to Mystic Falls after eight season. It’s insane to think that the show lasted that long, but it did, even after Nina Dobrev left. Ir still managed to have heartbreaking storylines and kept you interested. For the most part at least.

I will preface this post with saying that there are spoilers and I am definitely going to ramble but I won’t apologize at all.

Through the eight seasons of ‘Vampire Diaries’ there have been so many deaths of major characters but I never thought they would actually kill off a main character. Last night, they did just that. Unfortunately Stefan sacrificed himself so Damon could live a long life with Elena. Fucking Stefan died for his brother and that is beautiful, okay?

The only death that hit me harder than that one was when Caroline’s mother passed away because holy shit, that really did a number on me.

For the record, everyone was thinking that Bonnie was going to die, because she almost always dies. Her heart did stop for a moment but she didn’t die.

Last night’s episode was beautiful and it brought back every single character. Every major character that had been killed off was brought back which I thought was beautiful. This is a show about the living and the living dead, and bringing both of those worlds together in a different way was very beautiful.

Truthfully, I can’t say much more. Bonnie went off to travel the world, Caroline opened up a boarding house and got a note from Klaus which spun Twitter into an absolute rampage. There are many rumors that Caroline will make her way over to ‘The Originals’ which I actually hope happens. Caroline Forbes is one of my all time favorite television characters. Katherine Pierce was great too, I am so glad we got to see her before she was literally sent back to hell.

Elena and Damon ended up together and when they both died, they were reunited with their families. Elena say Jon, Jenna, and her parents. Who did Damon see? He saw Stefan of course and said “Hello Brother”.

The quote that really did me in though?

“One day after a long life we find each other again.”

I can only hope that is true.

Thank you for a great series, I hope we see all these actors again.

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Lucy Hale Joins New CW Show ‘Life Sentence’ !

Image result for lucy hale

Considering that ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ is coming to an end the cast obviously needs to find some new jobs! It looks like Lucy Hale is going to be just find though. It has been announced that she will be joining a new series on The CW titled ‘Life Sentence’!

The new hour-long dramedy will tell the story of a Hale’s character who “decides to live life to the fullest after thinking she had terminal cancer… only to learn she isn’t actually sick at all.” Hale’s character then has to come to grips with all of the choices she made “during a spree when she was ‘living like she was dying.’”

So it should be pretty interesting.

Low key, Lucy is my favorite so I am extremely happy to see that she has already picked up a new show!

As for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ the final episodes start on April 18th!

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Nina Dobrev Will Return For ‘Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale

Image result for nina dobrev vampire diaries

I think it has been kind of known that even though Nina Dobrev left ‘Vampire Diaries’ when it ended she would come back. Of course no one would confirm or deny it, but I like to believe that we all know she would be back. There was no way that they could finish a series without the character who the series basically followed. ‘One Tree Hill’ did it without Lucas and Peyton and clearly that shit sucked. So Julie Plec, the creator of ‘Vampire Diaries’ wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.

Today Nina took to Instagram to confirm what everyone thought would happen. She confirmed that she would in fact be coming back for the final episode. That is a good move in my book, I love when actors remember where they came from.

What will happen to make Elena come back? The possibilities are endless. No seriously, they are endless. This show has managed to make everything happen but at least there is magic to back it up.

Although I have missed the last two seasons I will definitely be tuning in for the final episode to check out what happens. It will air on The CW on Friday, March 10th!

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Gina Rodriguez Looks Better Than Ever At The 2017 Golden Globes

Whenever there is a red carpet that Gina will be on, you know one thing for sure, she is going to slay. Truthfully when I first heard of ‘Jane The Virgin’ a few years back I assumed it would be cancelled almost immediately but the show is still going strong! Gina is just so damn likable!

Tonight she also showed that she has no plans on slacking on her fashion.

Between her dress that seems to have little crystals all over it, and her gorgeous smile, she just looks beyond beautiful.

In case you were wondering, she brought her sister as a date for tonight!

She is most definitely one of the best dressed tonight.

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Confirm It Will End After Season 8

It is kind of crazy to think that ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ started 8 years ago. I guess it doesn’t seem like it has really been all that long to me. It started up during the crazy of ‘Twilight’ but was able to continue once the whole vampire love story thing settled down through most of the world. ‘The Vampire Diaries’ were able to continue their story even after losing the main character, Nina Dobrev.

Alright, now honestly I am glad that the show is getting the proper ending, simply because the past few seasons have been rough. Most shows end up like that, it is almost like the writers need new material, which makes sense, but it just doesn’t mesh with the show.

This show does deserve the proper goodbye. It deserves a proper final season and it is nice that The CW is willing to give it to them.

The cast and production did a goodbye video, and I did not cry (yes I am lying).

If there is one thing that I could change about this show is probably the fact the show broke up a bit for ‘The Originals’ to start. Matt and Rebekkah should’ve been end game, that’s all.

Thank you for the great 7 seasons though and I can’t wait to see how it all ends!

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Jensen Ackles Wishes Wife Danneel Harris Ackles A Happy Birthday

To my sweet, beautiful wife. Happy Birthday. I know I’ve already told you several times today but if I don’t post it on social media…who knows what will happen. I might get struck down by the Facebook gods, never to return. *so dumb.
So happy bday DeeDee. Love u

This is just the sweetest. If you weren’t away Danneel and Jensen are a CW couple that made it work for the long run. They met on a film entitled ‘Ten Inch Hero’but Danneel appeared on ‘One Tree Hill’ while Jensen has been on ‘Supernatural’ for well, forever.

These two have been married since 2010 and have a daughter together, who is freaking adorable.

Happy birthday Danneel! Congrats on being beautiful and having a super hot husband!

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Who Would You Rather: The Salvatore Brothers or The Winchester Brothers?

Chris Frawley/Warner Bros. Entertainment

So over the weekend was Comic-Con where a ton of celebrities hang out with a ton of hot nerds and have an awesome weekend. At least I am pretty sure that is the basis of what Comic-Con is. So a few CW hotties decided to take one of the hottest pictures at the damn convention. Here we have the Winchester brothers on the left, and the Salvatore brothers on the right. Now the question is, who would you rather? Tough choice in my opinion.

So let’s start off with the Winchesters. Obviously Jared and Jensen aren’t actually related but they hang out all the time, they are best buddies. Jared is a monster standing at like 6’4 or something, so you can’t go wrong there. Jensen is well, perfect. Looking at Jensen is just looking at God’s greatest creation.

The Salvatore brothers aren’t that bad either though. Let’s be real, they are cute, sensitive but also kind of badass. I mean nothing like some bad boys with the hearts of gold.

The winners though? Who won this match? The Winchesters. Listen I think that Paul and Ian are both hot, they are both very good looking guys but they are small. I don’t think either of them are 6′ and they are both so damn skinny. I like my men with a little meat on their bones. I like my men to be Jensen Ackles actually.

Who do you pick? Tweet me @WilliKilliams and let me know!

May the best fandom win!

Man Crush Monday: Stephen Amell

This past weekend was Comic-Con and people were going wild about it! This is where all of the superhero movies and shows meet with all the other scifi type shows and they all talk about how awesome they are! That is what I got out of it at least. After looking through hundreds of pictures one of the superheroes really stood out to me, Stephen Amell from the show ‘Arrow’.

‘Arrow’ is a show about a millionaire who is also a vigilante or something like that. Personally I have never watched the show but it was one of the favorites on The CW network, which isn’t very hard but it must be pretty good! It is also on the popular tab of Netflix! So there are two things it has going for it.

Let’s get back to Stephen Amell though, how could you not find him attractive? Just the right amount of scruff, incredible body, blue eyes, yeah I am about those looks. He is also tall which is kind of hard to find in Hollywood. Bad news bears though, he is married with a daughter. That only makes him hotter to me because he is a DILF. 

Hope this man crush made your Monday suck a little less!

Well, you asked for it: Stephen Amell obliging complied with a fan's request to shows off his six-pack during a Q&A panel for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday

Breaking News! James Lafferty Is Looking Better Than Ever!


So I was scrolling through minding my own business when I stumbled onto his Just Jared Spotlight feature and saw that he featured none other than James Lafferty. Let me tell you something. I have loved James Lafferty for over 10 years and like a fine bottle of wine he just keeps getting better looking. Let’s be real I was all about Team James rather than Team Chad.

Apparently he is in a new show called ‘Crisis’ where he is playing a smaller role than his role as Nathan Scott on the hit show ‘One Tree Hill’. In ‘Crisis’ he is playing a tutor I believe, or their chaperone, I really have no idea. I just know that he isn’t a high school student in this show. That is literally all that I know.

I believe that James Lafferty has set the standards pretty high for a boyfriend with anyone who watched ‘One Tree Hill’. He played Nathan Scott the reformed bad boy who loved the little nerdy girl, who changed for her. See that is why we all think we can change the bad boy, teen dramas! Anyway, I was almost positive that after the show ended there wouldn’t be all that much news about James Lafferty. He may be gorgeous but acting isn’t exactly his strong suit, he is pretty but not the best actor in the world. I am happy to hear he got something though!

I was going to wait and make him the man crush Monday tomorrow but I couldn’t hold off. So thank you Just Jared for posting about James Lafferty and I hope we get to see many more pictures of him sooner rather than later.

If you want to read the whole interview here is the link!


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