Will Smith Is Making New Music And May Go On A World Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Last week, Will Smith dropped his first new rap verse in 10 years, and today, he dropped by Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 Radio studio to talk about the experience, and everything happening with this new music. “I’m at the beginning of this process, shaking the rust off,” Will said of making new music. Smith also talked about how he was first introduced to Bombe Estereo‘s “Fiesta,” which he remixed, and why he wanted to jump on the track.

He also said that he was terrified to get back in the booth, and that his past success with music makes him nervous about failing in the future. Will revealed that his son, Jaden Smith, is giving him a few tips when it comes to making music in 2015, and that the learned from him to put down the pen and paper and instead just do it all off of your iPhone. While he didn’t divulge his full plansfor his music comeback, he did say that he’s planning on going on a full world tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff next summer, which will actually be the first time the two of them have ever been on a tour together.  (credit)

Dear Lord,I pray that this is all true and it isn’t Will Smith just messing around with us again. I mean if he is making new music, all the other rappers should just retire. Drake put the mic down, Kendrick Lamar put the mic down, the king of fun rap is back.

Alright maybe that is a little dramatic but let’s be real, is there a more fun rapper than Will Smith? ‘Gettin’ Jiggy With It’ is my go to karaoke song because it gets the people moving!

I have to admit, him getting tips from Jaden though? That doesn’t make me excited. Everyone should know how I feel about the Smith children by now. Their dad is amazing, them, not so much.

I would like to know when these tickets go on sale though, alright? I need them, and I needed them yesterday! Get me those tickets!

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