Kendall Jenner only wants 1D


It looks like Kendall Jenner is taking a play out of Kim Kardashian’s playbook and sleeping her way to the top. Kim started off with Ray-J though so that is more like she was sleeping her way to the middle. Kendall is going straight to the top with this whole Harry Styles thing she has going on. They were first spotted a few weeks ago going on a date before the American Music Awards and I didn’t think anything of it. Harry just wanted to put his 1D somewhere and found Kendall Jenner. Now she is in New York with him and everyone is losing their shit. Kris Jenner is probably the first to lose her shit, just imaging how much money this could make her family.

As always though I have a theory. This is where Harry brings girls he is dating to ruin them. Remember how literally a year ago he was there with T.Swift? That didn’t work out too well for the two of them. Harry is probably bringing her to New York seeing if she is a down ass chick and if she is well then he may keep her around.

I honestly thought that One Direction was supposed to be a down to earth and cool boyband, that is how they promote themselves at least. Breakign T.Swift’s heart then dating someone of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is not down to earth. I think that it is time they stop pretending because fame got to them. It at least got to one of the members. Simon Cowell bring him back in before he turned into Bieber!