Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham Make Their Red Carpet Debut

Is it weird to say that I really love this couple? Considering Chloe is 19 and Brooklyn is 17, it is probably a little weird I hope they get married. Come on, these two are freaking adorable and have been dating for a while now, even though they tried to keep it quiet for the longest time.

I mean I don’t want to say I was ahead of the times but I wrote about them back in 2014, so I guess you could say I was ahead of everyone else. I also expressed that I hope they get married, so my feelings haven’t changed one bit.

They have both just recently started to express their relationship through Instagram and Chloe has mentioned him in a few interviews now. She told Andy Cohen that she just decided to admit to it because people now left them alone more, which I can understand. Nobody likes secrets and now that they aren’t well, a secret, nobody cares.

I must say, Brooklyn was kind of goofy looking as a kid but those A+ genes kicked in obviously, he is growing into a good looking young man. Yes, I said young man, does that mean I am getting old? Probably.

They were also spotted looking adorable at the after party where it looks like Chloe lost some of her dress.

I have high hopes for this couple! Don’t let me down you guys, just go get married now, okay? Bye.

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