Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Dance Barefoot On Billy Joel’s Piano

I can’t even lie, this is probably my favorite headline I have ever written. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. My man Billy, my girl Amy, and my other girl Jennifer up there dancing their asses off. The song that they jumped on stage to was ‘Uptown Girl’, one of his greatest hits if you ask me.

There are reports that these two leading ladies are going to be writing a screenplay together where they are sisters, and I think it will be great. Honestly I think it is about damn time that Jennifer Lawrence did a comedy. I mean I personally think that she plays the whole funny part up on the red carpet and stuff, but hey she has a personality at least.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer join musician Billy Joel on stage for the encore of his sold out concert at Wrigley Field on August 27.

Also here is a video of this perfection, I mean both the singing and dancing.

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