Let Gregg Sulkin’s Latest Instagram Post Bless Your Night

Can we all agree that Gregg Sulkin is super hot? I mean just look at him. Those lips, those dimples, everything about him is just banging. Even though I hated him on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (sorry I’m an Ezria fan) we can all agree that he is in fact pretty and we ain’t lying.

Well on Instagram lately he has been shirtless all the time.

Is there any other selling point I need? A shirtless Gregg Sulkin is good for everyone involved! That is something I am sure of!

Now, I am not going to post all of them, I am only going to post the most recent because when I saw it, I said damn out loud.

I think that he is training for a Marvel show but I could be wrong.

We all need to appreciate Gregg Sulkin more, okay? Okay.


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Chris Hemsworth Looks Super Hot In Latest Instagram Video

Sometimes you just need to watch a hot guy get sweaty and work out, right? Chris Hemsworth is definitely one of the hottest guys and most in shape guys in Hollywood.

Watching this almost makes me want to work out, almost.

Until I actually get my lazy ass up and off of my couch, I will simply watch this video for motivation, and stuff.

Is it appropriate to use #blessed for this post? I think it is.

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Demi Lovato Trains With Boyfriend Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos

Demi  is seriously looking hotter than ever and it is probably because she is spending so much time with her super hot boyfriend, MMA fighter Bomba.

These two have been dating since October according to most reports and all of that working out is definitely paying off. After seeing Demi is a sheer dress at the GRAMMYs, I thought it turned me! I mean Demi could probably turn me no matter what, let’s be real.

Anyway, it looks like Demi and Bomba are still going on strong which is sweet.

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Nick Jonas Looks More Muscular Than Ever!

Image result for nick jonas

Most people know that Nick Jonas has a really, really incredible body. It has been documented heavily on his own social media as well.

Well, he is looking more buff than ever and I am into it. Then again I am into most things that Nick Jonas does, from his music to his looks, I am a real fan. It looks like hanging out with Dwayne Johnson on the ‘Jumanji’ set motivated the singer/actor to get even bigger.

On his snapchat he usually snaps from the gym showing how he is in there twice a day to prepare for the new season of ‘Kingdom’, a show where he plays a UFC fighter.

Last night Nick Jonas took to Instagram to show off his newly chiseled arms and well, he is looking bigger than ever.

Thank you for blessing us with this Nick.

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