The Grammy’s 2015 Worst Dressed Women List!

I said it in a previous post when I was listing the best dressed women ( I don’t know much about fashion. I am not one of those girls who knows the names of all the designers, I don’t know what colors are in, I don’t know any of that! I do know what I like to look at though and what is displeasing to my own eye. My opinion is that you don’t need to be an expert to know when someone is wearing something you don’t like.

Let’s get going with the worst dressed!

5. Ariana Grande

 I don’t hate this dress, I just hate how she is wearing it if that makes any sense. I feel like if it was someone who had a fuller figure, then it would look incredible! The little silver fabric throws me off though. Is that a thing? Is this in style? Also Ariana, let your hair fall free, let it breath, that high ass ponytail is getting a little bit old.

4. Kim Kardashian

No surprise here that Kanye West was her stylist for this show. He never puts her in anything that is really fitted well to her body. This dress is basically like the J.Lo Grammy dress except instead of it being green and see through, it is gold and looks heavy as hell. I hate this dress, I think it is extremely unflattering, like we get it Kim you have boobs, and we can almost see your hoo-ha. If you covered up fully, that would be a real red carpet shocker.

3. Charli XCX

I feel like if she is trying to be edgy it isn’t working. I do like her little jelly shoes that have heels on them though, those are high class fashion. Charli, you are lucky that there are a few worse than you or else you’d be straight to the top for worst dressed of the night!

2. Madonna

Well Madonna is going to be Madonna. I didn’t expect her to dress up in anything nice. This is just one of the worst of the night. She did look killer on stage though, so she kind of made up for it! Go back to wearing suits Madonna,

1. Rihanna

Listen, I love Rihanna a lot more than people understand. I love her singing, I love all of that. This dress though? What in the hell was she thinking. Rihanna usually kills it on the red carpet too which is why I am so confused! I think they sell her dress at Bath and Body Works if you are interested though. This is just all kinds of no.

The Ban “Bossy” Movement Is A Joke

Now I really understand that people are more interested in getting women involved in leadership positions, that I am all behind. Basing the entire movement on the word “bossy” though, that is a fucking joke. Watching the video there are a ton of powerful women in it, Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, Condalisa Rice. Those are just a few names but this movement really tried to bring out their top guns to make people pay attention to this ban on the word “bossy”.

There are a lot more things that women are called that bring them down other than just words like bossy, stubborn, and whatever else was listed. How about we try and ban other words, words that women call each other which makes it okay for men to call us that. Can we have a ban on the word slut or whore? Can we ban the words fat and ugly? All of these words deserve more precedent then the word bossy.

Also how about we get celebrities to stand behind other things that matter, other than women feeling empowered. Maybe they can stand behind bringing the troops home, maybe they can stand behind the poverty that this country is facing, or maybe they can try and think of affordable education for everyone. Just to list a few fucking things that our country is dealing with.

IF you women want to make a change tell people to stop calling each other fat, stop calling each other ugly, stop tearing people down. I will tell you being a woman myself, being called bossy is one of the least offense things that I have ever been called.