Carrie Underwood Reflects On Winning ‘American Idol’ 12 Years Later!

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Honestly, it is still kind of insane to think that we got Carrie Underwood from ‘American Idol‘. Now don’t get me wrong, the show has definitely produced some huge stars, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, just to name a few.

It is just so strange to think that Carrie was up there every week fighting to stay alive in a singing competition. She won though, and she has absolutely lived up to the title of being an idol.

Carrie has always been very vocal about how much she does appreciate having a platform like ‘American Idol’. I remember reading somewhere that she even gave her number to every winner of the show in case they had any questions. Such a helpful legend.

Well 12 years ago on this day, Carrie was crowned the winner of ‘American Idol’ and I do believe she has lived up to the title.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins Academy Award

It’s been 84 years…… Well not really but it feels that way, right? It finally happened, Leo finally won the Oscar that he has deserved for so many years. ‘The Revenant’ was truly a great movie and he deserves all of the praise that he has received for his performance in it.

During his speech he made sure to bring up global warming, which is of course one cause he is very passionate about, and has been passionate about for some time now.

Never let go now Leo, it may be another 20 years.

Also let’s talk about this comparison that was on Tumblr, try not to cry.

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