Looks Like Wilmer Valderrama &Minka Kelly Are Dating

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So I have a real question, what is it with Wilmer Valderrama that I am missing? He doesn’t really do anything for me but apparently he is suave enough to date people like Demi Lovato and now Minka Kelly. This couple is kind of an old couple though, they dated when he and Demi briefly split in 2012.

I just don’t get it. He has been known to date young girls, which is creepy. He just seems like a serious sleazeball. Isn’t Minka too old for him anyway? Listen, that is more of a dig at Wilmer than Minka. She is an absolute babe, he just seems to like them teenager age.

It just boggles my damn mind that Wilmer is like a hot commodity in the Hollywood world.

Good luck to the new couple? At least he isn’t dating someone underage.

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Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama Break Up After Nearly 6 Years Together

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There is definitely something in the water in California because all of these break ups. Let’s be real, the Calvin and Taylor thing, everyone saw that coming. Zayn and Gigi? I expected them to last about a year but Wilmer and Demi? This is a break up that I figured would happen eventually but not for a while.

My guess is that he wouldn’t put a ring on it. Demi has been very vocal about how he wanted to be married and that Wilmer was the one for her. No ring though. Six years is a long time to be with anyone and it’s too bad that he couldn’t put a ring on it and dragged his feet for so long.

Demi is also getting old, she is 23, that is a bit old for Wilmer’s taste.

I am hoping that Demi can stay strong through this break up, she has mentioned many times that Wilmer has been her rock but maybe she finally found the strength in herself to get out of the relationship. Who knows! I am sure that in time different stories will leak and you know I will be on it so check back here.

Maybe Demi will fall in love with Nick while they are on tour and they will make genetically gifted babies, I know I did about a ten year jump but something to think about. As for Wilmer? He will probably be dating a 17 year old in a week because he has always been creepy.

The couple did release an annoying joint statement though.

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Wilmer Valderrama Will Be Joining ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ This Spring

I have a legitimate question. How does Wilmer Valderrama still get any air time on television? I am one hundred percent series when I ask this question. He isn’t a good actor, he is well past his prime, and he will always be Fez, the end. I get that he is dating Demi Lovato and all of that, but that is literally the only reason why this man is still relevant.

It is well documented that I don’t like Wilmer. I think that has been well documented through my blog, I am not a fan of how he uses young women for fame. Okay, he has been with Demi for roughly six years, on and off. There was that time where he was spotted making out with Minka Kelly back in 2012 or so, but since that he has been seen with Demi and Demi only.

Before Demi though there was the underage Lindsay Lohan who was 17 when he was 23, they dated for about a year. Before that he was 19 dating a 16 year old Mandy Moore. After the whole Lindsay Lohan thing he was linked to Ashlee Simpson who was a young rising star at the time. Wilmer then had the nerve to go on the Howard Stern show and talk about his sex life with each of these women. He explained that he took Mandy Moore’s virginity and it wasn’t like warm apple pie. He then called Ashlee a screamer in bed, things like that I don’t like about him.

Of course people can change but I remember how much of a pig he used to be. How he used these women for his own gain yet somehow is still around. It makes no sense to me.

So Shonda, you have killed a lot of my favorite characters on Grey’s but I have stuck around. I mean you have literally killed every one of my favorite characters, or they got written off. So do my a solid? Can you please kill his character, whoever he is going to be. Don’t give him a lot of air time and please kill him off.

Thank you.

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Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama Pack On The PDA In St Barts

So for a while I was against this couple mostly because of Wilmer’s dating history. I thought it was weird that he was old enough to have allegedly taken Mandy Moore’s virginity and he also allegedly took Lindsay Lohan’s virginity. He just moved on from young star to young star so when he got with Demi I figured that was all that it was. Clearly five years later I was wrong. I can admit it, it happens every once in a while.

These two lovebirds were recently down in St. Barts, maybe they are still there, I’m not sure. Apparently Demi is doing something top secret with Victoria’s Secret. Although it isn’t super top secret because we know that it is happening. Demi has been going like crazy lately though, so it was probably a much needed relaxation.

Anyway these two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and of course there was a paparazzi taking all the photos possible!

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Demi Lovato Posts Sweet Instapic with Wilmer Valderrama

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Damn, Demi isn’t holding back with her relationship with Wilmer anymore. Remember back in the day they would never confirm anything and never posted pictures together? Yeah those were the days.

Listen, I love Demi and Wilmer has apparently helped her stay clean and sober for about three years now, so good for Wilmer too! Clearly their love is real and all of that. It will always creep me out though that he claims to have taken Mandy Moore’s virginity when she was 16, now she is 31. He also dated Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson, the song ‘Boyfriend’ was actually written about that whole situation.

Maybe he has grown up and realized that he can’t date anyone younger than Demi because that would just look terrible.

Also, Demi your skin is flawless.

Are Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama engaged?



So above are two pictures that have just posted and have the internet going fucking insane about the whole Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. For those of you that have been following last year apparently Wilmer bought an engagement ring for Demi but nothing was ever confirmed. If you look at the second picture Demi is wearing a rather large ring on a specific finger which makes you wonder!

Demi usually keeps her relationship with the creepy old man top secret, she made sure that she posted about his birthday though. That makes me wonder, could there be a wedding in the works? It is about time that Wilmer settled down with someone his own age, just kidding they are like 12 years apart.

I still find this relationship creepy but if Demi is happy then I guess I am happy for her. They have been hooking up since she was only like 17 so that means something?

I don’t know I am trying to give this creepy old man the benefit of the doubt! I can’t help it!