Kid Cudi Releases Tracklist For Upcoming Album!

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Kid Cudi, it has been way too long since you have come out with new music! Maybe its good that you started a Twitter feud with Kanye and Drake, maybe it fueled some inspiration for you to release music sooner! If so, then I am glad you started that weird Twitter fight. In case you missed it, Cudi called out Drake and Kanye for not writing their own music. Kayne then dissed Cudi then apologized and Drake just kind of ignored it.

Anyway, it looks like Cudi decided to bring in some heavy hitters for this new album and I am excited about it! Let me be clear, I am excited for all of the songs but the one with Willow Smith, I am all set with her.

I have to admit, I am most excited for Andre 3000, he is one of my all time favorite rappers.

Get excited!

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