NBC Gives ‘Will & Grace’ 10 Episode Revival!

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If you just heard a high pitch squeal of happiness it was me because ‘Will & Grace‘ is back! Well it is back for just a ten episode run but I am going to assume that they will make an even bigger comeback if those ten episodes have high ratings!

NBC confirmed today that the reboot is definitely happening after the whole cast played coy over the past few months.

NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said in a statement. “We’re thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and most defining comedies in NBC history is coming back. This groundbreaking series for everything from gay rights to social and political commentary — all disguised as a high-speed train of witty pop culture — is coming back where it belongs.”

The new series is set to air during the 2017/18 season!

I am going to cross my fingers and pray that this show gets more episodes. I also kind of love that  it isn’t on Netflix. NBC knew what they were doing with that one.

This is just going to be a heads up, if you’re a Donald Trump fan, I wouldn’t watch this show. It’s going to be filled with jokes about him, they have always joked about social issues so be prepared.

According to reports all four of the main actors will definitely be joining the show.

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