Watch Taylor Swift Play An Acoustic Version Of “Wildest Dreams”

I have said it once, I will say it again. You don’t have to like Taylor Swift but you do have to respect her.

There is nothing more to say than that, she is absolutely incredible. She proves time and time again that she has talent but people still hate her for no reason.

Check it out yourself!

I just want to add that this sounds like her old sound that I miss so much, I am obsessed.

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Check Out The Video For Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘Wildest Dreams’ Featuring Hottie Scott Eastwood

Let me start off by saying this is easily one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs of all time. I haven’t been a big fan of her newer music but this song is incredible.

Now that I got that out, Scott Eastwood is perfection. I mean Taylor is killing it in the brunette wig but Scott Eastwood is straight up perfect. He is one of the hottest dudes out there so good on that casting. I think he may be the hottest guy in any of her videos since the start of her career. Yup! I said it!

Honestly I love the story that this music video tells. They had an onset romance and clearly it didn’t end the way that she wanted it to. All of her music videos so far have been so on point it’s insane. ‘Style’ wasn’t my favorite but damn they are good.

Congrats Tay you’re still the queen.

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