Music Monday: ‘Goodbye My Lover’ Wild Youth

There are some songs that when you hear it, it brings out your emotions. Whether it is the lyrics or the pain in the artists voice, there is something there that can bring you to tears. That is absolutely how I felt when I first heard Wild Youth’s song, ‘Goodbye My Lover’ a twist on James Blunt’s original song.

Everyone has been through some sort of heartbreak and I feel like this song sums it up perfectly.

My absolute favorite line of the entire song has to be “drinking every weekend, speaking sober thoughts”, most people have had that moment when you drink a bit, get some liquid courage and send some risky text messages.

When I asked a summary of this song, Ryne, better known as Wild Youth gave me this summary.

“This one was real, This one was really really real. Love doesn’t hurt but heartbreak just about kills you. I write these songs because i need to write, or because writing will mend something broken inside me or you and bring something back to life in me and my wonderful fans who listen. I don’t make or write these songs for anyone except for myself but the fact that I can touch and help so many people by being vulnerable and actually almost being scared to make my words and life so public by publishing them. But i am glad i do because the messages i receive by people going through the same trials and struggles make putting my weaknesses into my songs worth it just if i can make one lonely person feel like they aren’t alone in there struggles then the hours and hours i put into my craft is not in vein and knowing i can touch people i may have never met is incredible to me. This one goes out to the ones in love, and the ones who are feeling alone in heartbreak, to the ones who have never felt neither love nor heartbreak and the ones who are days away from finding the love of there lives. What a beautifully scary happy messed up special life we get to live. This song is about a love that was so right and that same love lost. I hope you can enjoy or relate!” 

Well, I can say one thing, people definitely can relate to this song, there is no doubt about that one. It is so well written and performed, I can’t emphasis that enough.

Truthfully I don’t think this is the last we have seen of this artist. I just hope that once you hear Wild Youth on the radio you remember that you heard them first here!

For the record, Ryne used to be a part of a group called Thirty100 where they went viral with their ‘Miley Cyrus Virus‘ video, Miley actually gave them a shout out a few years ago for it too!

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