Who Would You Rather? Scott Eastwood or Chris Evans

Here are Celebrities Are Tragic, I like to keep things as serious as possible. This is one of those topics that I need to take a step back and think about. I need to really think about things like who would I rather bang, Chris Evans or Scott Eastwood. What a tough choice. How can one really choose between these two certified hotties?

Honestly, I would choose Scott every day and twice on any day that ends in a y. See what I did there?

Now listen, Chris is a good looking guy, don’t get me wrong. He can pull off literally any type of haircut and he looks good with both facial hair and when he is clean shaven. There is just something about Scott that I love. It is probably his jawline, his eyes, his love for animals, his insane body, and the fact that his dad is Clint Eastwood doesn’t hurt either.

So I volunteer as tribute to marry Scott Eastwood, don’t worry ladies I will bite the bullet.

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