Watch Ciara Pay Tribute To Whitney Houston


Five years ago today the world lost one of the best vocalists of all time, Whitney Houston. There have a been a lot of different dedication type posts but Ciara ‘s is absolutely one of my favorites.

I don’t know how she does it. She is out there pregnant as hell but she can still dance better than I could even dream of dancing. Even though I think that Ciara and Russell are corny as hell it seems like they have a lot of fun together.

Whitney, we miss you. Ciara thank you for this spectacular dance tribute.

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Ariana Grande Performs Whitney Houston Medley on ‘Greatest Hits’

Ariana Grande ABC's Greatest Hits Whitney Houston Medley Performance

Although I do believe that Ariana Grande is really unlikable she can sing. She does have a voice and she did a great job honoring Whitney Houston, I think that we can all agree with that.

Greatest Hits‘ is seriously my favorite show of the summer. Nothing like watching old and new perform together and do incredible duets, or just bring back nostalgia.

Can we also take a minute to appreciate how incredible Whitney’s songs were and agree that she left this world far too early. Thank you for all the songs Whitney.

Before people start to compare….Ariana is not the next Whitney.

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Let’s Talk About Why Kesha Is So Important Right Now

If you weren’t aware Kesha is currently in a heated court battle against famed producer Dr.Luke. Kesha is currently fighting for her freedom to be released from Sony so she no longer has to work with a producer who has allegedly drugged and raped the singer. Not only that, but he had allegedly emotionally abused her as well, telling her that she is the size of a fridge, among other things. Dr.Luke’s camp has denied all of these claims stating that Kesha is simply trying to extort a producer who worked hard to make her a pop superstar.

On Friday (Feb. 19th) a judge denied Kesha’s plead to be released from her contract. The judge stated that she could easily stay with Sony and work with a different producer.

There is a lot that can be said here. People can say whatever they would like about Kesha and her brand, how she represents herself but let me say one thing. Rape is never okay. A girl could be walking down a city street naked, that doesn’t make it okay for her to be raped. The system is not helping Kesha with this, if anything they are letting Kesha down.

In my personal opinion this is just another way that a man of power is able to use that power to harm a woman.

Let’s put it this way, Zayn Malik no longer wanted to be in One Direction because he didn’t feel passionate about the music anymore. Guess what happened? He was released from his record contract no problem. There was no abuse noted, he just simply didn’t want to be in the band anymore. Do you see how crazy that sounds?

It blows my mind how the industry handles different cases when it comes to women and men. There is absolutely no reason why Chris Brown should still be allowed to create music after what happened to Rihanna. It wasn’t Chris’ career that was on the line, he simply had to stay in the shadows for about a year then make a comeback. Rihanna’s career was basically on the line after the assault too, all eyes were on her and if she would be able to continue being a strong female for the media. She did, but her career was put in jeopardy far more than Chris’ was. If it wasn’t that assault then it was the media spectacle that took place using Britney and Mariah’s public breakdowns. Let’s talk about how no one had compassion for Whitney and Amy until their untimely deaths.

This case is just another example of how this specific industry is run. It shows of the public treats female artists that suffer from physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental health issues, just to name a few issues that they are faced with that somehow becomes the media’s business. Not the media’s business to help them, but the media’s business to follow their every move to make sure that they have pictures of every single part of the spiral down.

How many more women need to be harmed in order for this to stop? This is much larger than the music industry too, this is from any job sector.

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Jessie J Tributes Whitney Houston With ‘I Have Nothing’ Cover

I understand the beginning of the video is a bit boring but skip to the 3:00 minute mark if you want to hear her belt out some Whitney Houston. I guess the only thing that I can say is that this girl can sing! Jessie J is seriously the most talented female artist out there, she had one of the best voices that I have ever heard. I will say that her and Sia have insanely incredible voices. Her voice is just pure power, and she can control.

I do wish that I could find a full video of her singing this song because I think she absolutely kills this song. Not many people can cover Whitney but she did, and she did an amazing job at covering the late, great Whitney.

Jessie J, you are remarkable and your voice doesn’t even make sense, that is how good it is. As for Whitney, you will forever be remembered in my heart as a legend. Thank you for showing the world but talent truly is.