Watch Tori Kelly Slay Covers Of Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber

My love for Tori Kelly is getting stronger each and every day. This girl can serious sing and that is nice to see. She is someone who actually uses her voice to sing good songs, rather than absolute shit songs. There are few artists who do that now. I just hope and pray that she doesn’t sell out to that crowd.

Anyway, she was on a radio station out in England and she absolutely crushed covers of Whitney, Beyonce, and Bieber. I mean it takes some serious balls to take on some of the greats. I will say I appreciate her not trying too hard when it came to the Whitney song because no one can sing Whitney.

Tori Kelly is the next superstar and I can’t wait to see her up there accepting a Grammy some day. I also hope I didn’t just jinx her entire career.

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Also check out the video below!