Iggy Azalea Dressed Up As ‘White Chicks’ Character For Halloween!


So most people have seen the internet memes going around about how Iggy looks like one of the characters, or I guess both of the characters from ‘White Chicks’. Snoop Dogg called her out about it too and it looks like Iggy finally has taken it upon herself to acknowledge that she does in fact look like her, and I am dying laughing. I think that this is absolutely hilarious! Can’t lie about that!

To be honest I am not a huge Iggy fan, ‘Black Widow’ is my jam but after seeing some live footage of her shows and hearing her other songs I don’t think she is that great of a rapper. I am going to say this though. I am a fan of her in general. I think that she is hilarious in interviews and clearly she can poke fun at herself. Kind of a weird limbo about how I really feel though, obviously.

I think that Iggy wins Halloween with this costume. Do you agree?