Ariana Grande Joined The Black Eyed Peas For “Where Is The Love” At One Love Manchester

There are some songs that are absolutely timeless and “Where Is The Love” is one of those songs. The lyrics are powerful and it’s an absolute bop, so it makes it even more timeless.

Although I miss Fergie, Ariana did a great job taking her place.

Really though, I am so happy that the Black Eyed Peas were able to perform this song.

Unfortunately it is forever relevant.

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The Black Eyed Peas Recreate “Where Is The Love”

Fifteen years ago an unknown band named Black Eyed Peas along with a little help from their friend Justin Timberlake came out with a song called “Where Is The Love”. A song that helped the nation heal after the terrorist attacks that happened on 9/11.

Here we are now still wondering where the love is. The group decided to come together after a long hiatus to put together this song and remind people that we all need to love each other. The lyrics of this song are still prevalent even today. I have said it once, I will say it a million times, the Black Eyed Peas were far ahead of their time and it proves it with a song like this, a song that will probably speak to generations to come.

It is always great seeing a bunch of familiar faces coming together for a cause. I was all set with the DJ Khaled cameo but I understand why they wanted to put him in there.

Adding a verse from The Game though? That was a complete song changer, a good changer too.

So let’s remember to love one another, let’s remember that the media is separate us with our beliefs, and we have the power to stand together and say stop the violence.

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