Panic! At The Disco Stick It To The Westboro Baptist Church By Donating To HRC!

We all know that Westboro Baptist Church hates just about everyone under the sun for different reasons, whether they are soldiers, gay, straight, it really doesn’t matter. They are a group that is just full of hate and this past weekend they decided to picket the Panic! At the Disco concert due to the fact Brendon Urie who is now married, admitted to experimenting with men before his marriage.

Well this band got wind about the people ready to picket and pledged that for each picketer they would donate twenty dollars to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). It turns out that only about 13 protesters showed up but the band decided to donate an even grand to the organization that supports equal rights for all. After al was said and done the band then added an extra bonus donating twenty percent of their merchandise sales to HRC as well.

Stories like this really do brighten up my day because at the end of the day hate will always lose. I know that sounds corny and lame but in reality it is the truth. How can you silence hate? You spread love and then the rest works itself out.

Bravo to Panic! At The Disco and boo to Westboro Baptist Church!

Brad Paisley Posts Selfie With Westboro Baptist Church



Westboro Baptist Selfie!! Or west-Burro(ass) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here. We’ll play loud.- @BradPaisley

This picture is all kinds of hilarious right? I mean look at Brad’s face, hilarious. Look at the cult member just smiling away! You can tell she is so happy she just got a selfie with Brad Paisley but she can’t act that way! So she will act sneaky snarky in order to take a picture with him, brilliant!

Honestly I hate the Westboro cult as I like to call them. They picket at concerts, they picket at soldiers funerals, the basically picket anything that they possibly can picket. I didn’t know that God hated drunks though. I thought that he would be happy people are drinking wine and all of that! I thought that this cult just hated soldiers, children, gays, and happiness. Never knew that they hated drunks too.

You go Brad Paisley, I hope that you did in fact play so loud that they were able to hear you and immediately their heads exploded. Oh is that too graphic? Don’t care, fuck you Westboro.